May 26, 2023

Astrology for 5/28/2023

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Astrology for 5/28/2023



The Moon in Virgo keeps asking us to look things squarely and honestly in the face. While clarity is what we seek, the mind is not working with us in constructive ways. That is why today’s therapy is to clean the house, clear out the clutter, organize a few things and deal with the small details that need addressing. A cleared space will promote more clear thinking.

Saturn and the Sun will square and that lowers our energy, and we may notice that we are completely exhausted.
Seems that the challenges require a new type of sacrifice and know that we are coming to the realization that our old expectations of ourselves are now clearly … unrealistic.

Seems as if we need a break to think things through and come up with a new strategy to go forward.
After all, it is the weekend and Sunday. Even God took a day of rest to regroup.
Notice the courage that is alive and well inside you. Notice that we are facing many things and the choice is now a practical one.
Honesty is the best policy on all levels. Time to see past our old illusions and recognize situations for what they are.
Today, is not the day to try to fight anyone or anything. There is no win in such astrology. It is best to wait, watch, and conserve energy.

As I pulled cards for today, I got the Seven of Wands. It is a card that shows one large, crooked wand, blocking six other wands. Its intention is to thwart movement. In the translation of this card, the angels explained to me that this card is the thinking of a wounded warrior, who knows that they are out of energy and in their current state, they will not win against a stronger opponent. At such a time, a wise warrior will remove himself and hide in a cave to tend to his wounds and to regroup. He knows that it will be better to fight another day. He knows that he cannot get pulled into a fight at this time because he will lose.
Today is a day to conserve our energy. Pushing things will not get us where we need to get to. In fact, they may even work against us in the long run.
We add to this astrology that Mercury will semi-square to Neptune and that makes our thinking cloudy and confusing. Trusting our thoughts is not the best way to proceed. Keep to the facts and what is known. Do not bend to opinion or projection. Do not get caught up in the emotional and mental turmoil of others.
While we cannot stop others from spinning, we can stop the process within our own mind. Do not let fear lead in any way what-so-ever. Choices based on fear, will only lead us to wors situations and bigger conflicts.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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