Astrology for 5/3/2023

Astrology for 5/3/2023

The Libra Moon forces us to make big shifts towards a better understanding and balance in our lives. We see that perhaps what we used to be able to do we are perhaps not able to do in the same ways as before. Aging bodies require constant honesty if we are to adapt well to the truths that what bodies need when we are younger and what they need when we are older … tend to shift and evolve with the chemical and hormone changes that everyone will go through at different times.
I know that my dancer training and my unusual body have required me to listen carefully to its wants and needs. But even I have learned to override my body with my mind. As we age, that mechanism becomes more obvious and must be addressed to find new ways to do old things more efficiently and with less effort. Tools are more useful and we learn to work with others rather than do everything on our own. And I think that is the point of it all. When we are young it is all about proving that we can do things independently. We want to be able to stand on our own two feet. But as we age, we learn to come together and to help others because we recognize that being a part of humanity requires a give and take approach.
This Libra Moon helps us see the relationships in our life that really matter. It helps us become more grateful for what we have and the life we have lived. And we recognize that there is a passage of time that all of us will age. It is just the way of things.
With this Mercury Retrograde, it adds to the stress and we look more towards figuring out how to express what is deep inside our soul with others. And today, that seems to be a challenge on a few levels. Things just don’t come out the way we intended. So, remember to cut everyone a bit of slack and know that they are trying. Feel past the words and into the heart that is trying to connect. Be sensitive to all attempts from others to express what they are feeling.
Choices seem difficult to discern and to know which one is the correct one. Today is a day where cooperation and willingness to listen will go a long way.
Saturn and Mars sesquiquadrate later in the day, and it is a pattern that can make all paths seem to feel like an obstacle course. Going fast will not work, it will trip you up. Instead be patience and to know that this new energy in our world is trying to find ways to manifest but in doing that it is not feeling smooth as it feels like we are on a rocky path and we will have to keep pulling stones off to the side and that will take a lot of time.
Go slow, be patient, and know that if we pace ourselves and ask for others to help, we will make great headway. But it will still take a lot of effort as we are learning a very new way to be. And we are not alone. Have compassion for others you meet along your path. They too have been dealing with their own challenges.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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