May 4, 2023

Astrology for 5/5/2023

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Astrology for 5/5/2023


Around lunchtime, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will unfold, intending to make us take a look at those things that we hide, we try to deny and those things that we do not want to be true. It is interesting that we have those family members in our life that have had certain quirks and odd patterns for a long time. But under this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we see them in a new light.
Perhaps we can see the dysfunction under the behavior. Perhaps some old lingering illness is now becoming seen. What seems clear is that much is coming into the light and will need to be addressed in a more determined and forceful way over the next year. Pluto in Aquarius shines a very different perspective on those things, and we cannot pretend that they are not happening. While everyone’s journey is a deeply personal thing, and often we cannot stop someone from dealing with the lingering patterns and behaviors that seem to restrict their freedom and reality, we also can be a witness and learn from the experiences of others.
In such a moment, we have to remind ourselves that the lessons to be learned by those we love do not need to be ours.
This round of eclipses have been intense because they keep pulling us between our need for emotional security and our need for physical security.
Humanity loves to say, “The truth shall set you free!” Today the illumination for this eclipse can release us from some particular pattern of karma that we seemed to have been yoked to for a very long time.
As this eclipse heightens our emotional state, we see things with a fresh set of eyes and now our discoveries can assist us to finding a new path to walk and a way to let go of certain emotional behaviors that really are not serving us.
Because our emotional state is so intense at this time, it is best to say less and listen more.
Do not exaggerate what is being said or done.
Many things are unraveling and as they do, expect things to be messy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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