Astrology for 6/7/2023

Astrology for 6/7/2023

The Moon leaves Capricorn as we are deep in dreams and so we will tiptoe into progressive and forward-thinking Aquarius while most of us are asleep. We look to our community and what we can give that calls to our heart and the greater goals that serve all in the future. It is not good to selfishly think only of ourselves today. Seems that there is too much is at stake.
The Moon in Aquarius will oppose Venus and Mars today. This can make us upset and make us feel moody and unheard.
All the while this aspect will square to Jupiter and that makes the feeling that we need to do more than our fair share … almost an imperative. But when we take on too much we start rushing and that can backfire on us as we are not really in control.
Then we are pushing rather than planning. Besides … pushing others builds resentments and that never will get us where we want in the long run.
Decisions should be questioned a few times … as we will be reacting rather than consciously responding.
We are coming into a Venus/Uranus quintile, so take some time to appreciate those that have stood by us and offer up honest evaluations and clarity to our chaos.
Notice those situations that can help us be more awake and compassionate over time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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