Astrology for 6/9/2023

Astrology for 6/9/2023

The Aquarian Moon shows us new pathways in our sleep. It shows us all those places where our human self is still afraid to jump. But this is how we test new waters and try new ways.
It is in our dreamtime we learn to find those places we still fear to go.
But then the Moon will move this morning into the sensitive sign of Pisces, and we learn to trust our feelings and feel more into the flow.
Listening is more important for the next few days. Take time to stop and smell the roses.
Mercury will sextile to Neptune and that can make our mind explode with new ideals. Seems that we can sense truth more and our mind is not getting in the way as much. There are many practical applications to this type of energetic flow. Use it as best as you can as there is a lot going on.
Notice the small things and those things that matter in the larger scheme of things. Do not waste energy or time with those that just want to constantly argue and blame.
This world needs more openness … than answers.
We need to listen to the inspired rather than to those that hate.
To create a more compassionate world we must muzzle those who breed discontent and rage. Healing only happens in spaces of safety. And being drawn to those that use hate as a religion … never create spaces for truth to thrive.
That is because they use fear to stay wealthy and alive. They feed on that fear. Such souls are parasitic by nature and will only continue to feed of the weak. Their subconscious intention is to tear down those things that have created beauty and brought mankind hope and great inventions of progress.
Chiron and the Sun are moving towards a sextile and we realize that we will have to be able to see and recognize a problem before we can find ways to heal them. This will give us greater courage to look in the places where we have hidden the most delicate parts of ourselves.
After all, we are the only ones that will be able to get in there. If we are not brave enough to find the keys to enter our own sacred space, no one will be able to find the door.
Notice that much learning comes from listening and being with the experiences of others. The great stories and myths show us the pathways towards a more conscious self … if we are willing to go on our own spiritual journey.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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