April 7, 2022


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Astrology for April 2022

So sorry for the delay in all this. It has been a wild moment, historically and personally. Thank you for the patience from all of you in giving me a chance to get this out.

As you can already tell, April is busting out all over.

It started with the New Moon in Aries forcing us to challenge ourselves in many ways that were new and at times overwhelming. We are attempting to move from our inner impulses and make them somehow constructive in a chaotic world. Not a small challenge! We feel that others want too much of us and that there seem to be too many things on our plates. What seemed reasonable has leaped into an OMG feeling on many levels. While we are desperately trying to be independent and do it ourselves, there are too many things that are just arising to not need a bit of help going forward.

Sometimes we learn that it is important to need others and to allow others to help. And while independence is important learning to let others in while we retain that sovereignty is also lovely.

This New Moon packed a punch and the initiative is going to last for longer than expected. That is because it aligns with Mercury and the major planets are all in direct motion. I see many being courageous in ways that will not be known for months or even years. But we will see some overcome tremendous obstacles that will show us a fierceness that will start a process that can change our world in marvelous ways.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction is going to give us a tone of energy but that will also be required because of the monumental obstacles that are arising. While this month there will be moments of intense power and push, there will also be moments of exhaustion that can be caused by suppressing fear. Look the fear right in the eyes. Own it, love it, and learn to pace the energy in a way that is manageable and sustainable.

Jupiter and Neptune move into a positive interaction on April 12th. While this supports great humanitarian qualities in our souls, let’s make sure they are manifested in productive ways that can have a lasting impact. We are learning that this world also needs our kindness and altruism. There are many things that are testing us and pushing us to move from very unusual angles. I believe this is what we need to make what seems impossible … possible. While we can be practical, it seems that our personal feelings keep taking us off track and stop us from being highly effective because of our frustration. Sacrifices are being asked of all of us and they are not going to end anytime soon.

So much seems to be not going according to any familiar plan. Too much seems to be not fulfilling in the ways that allowed us to feel accomplished and successful. Discontent is growing and there is a passionate upset that is getting ready to explode.

Take one small thing at a time. We cannot take big bites into lots of problems. It feels as if we are choking on “Bu**Sh#t”.

This month, try to get the finances in order and do your best to move expectations off to the side. There will be too many very large, critical, and global issues arising that make this a moment where we have to listen to our hearts and do what they say rather than listen to the toxic thoughts of others.

With Jupiter and Neptune conjuncting, it seems as if there are so many matters hitting us on an emotional level that we are concerned that our compassionate heart may break under the emotional pressure of this aspect. There is tremendous concern and fear. There is a desire for a much more compassionate world. There are places that now we doubt and question on every level. Too many that have the control and power do not care about what we feel. Too many feel as if they are not respected at work and not honored or valued. It is taking a toll on our health and mental stability.

These two planets complement and work together well, but they are forcing us to see the very different ways that some handle emotional situations.

This aspect is causing a breaking down of the mental stability that has carried us to this moment. It is causing those on the edge emotionally to feel as if they are falling apart. It is making us look at where some were living on the edge of depression for too long and now they are falling off that edge. Anxiety is increasing and too many constants in the world are slipping away making it harder to be optimistic.

Astrologically, this Neptune/Jupiter conjunction makes us support the underdog, feel overly sensitive, want a better world, and demand a reality that becomes more tolerant.

On April 16th, there is a Libra Full Moon which will give us great insight into what we need to work on. Relationships become even more important, and we are going to finally expose those places where we are out of touch, neglectful, clearly flawed, and out of balance. It will be time to move towards improving those places.

Our feelings and social situations are taking us off in new directions and while the practical is important, we are looking more into how we (as a world) can work together.

Saturn will move well with the Sun and the Moon and that can give us much more of a helpful engagement in new ways with those at our work. Telling the truth to superiors can force a change that has been deeply needed for too long. Stand up with others and stand together as a united front.

Saturn and Pluto will square during that Full Moon and that can put more pressure on many things that will drive us to ensure that these changes will be implemented and continued. There is no more holding back. All the planets are going full steam ahead.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th. And with the intensity of the Full Moon still being felt, things seem complicated and heavy. We will question authority and look at how powerful people have been so terribly abusive. We will finally stop believing what is being shoveled in our minds and those with authority are shown to not care about us in ways that could make a difference. We will realize that without drastic change, this horror will continue.

This whole month we are in the eclipse zone. Meaning that we are in the pulling and pushing of the eclipses coming in. And that can bring terrible things in May. Especially for the country of the Russian Federation.

The first eclipse hits on April 30th. It is in the Taurus/Scorpio trajectory. While we want financial success, we also now demand emotional balance and fairness. This is a solar eclipse in Taurus, and it happens just a Venus will hit Jupiter in Pisces. Venus is in charge of this eclipse, and it will also connect with Uranus and Mars. That is a lot of energy, and it intends to be explosive. Many things will change. While those changes for some are terrible and beyond belief. Those moments will herald a shift in strategy and those participating. Many things will be impacted over the rest of this year because of this one eclipse.

I expect the financial world to get rocked. I know that resources are going to be lacking in many areas. I know that the force of freedom fighters will be strong, and many forms of resistance is assured to force change.

Many countries will be upgrading their security systems and the internet is going to be drastically shifting as a new internet with higher security will come online somewhere from May through September of this year.

Those things that we value will be reevaluated and many things will become less important to us. Our ego will take many hits this month but that is a good thing as too many egos have been ruling the world unfairly.

Solar energy will explode and many people will actively shift towards energy efficiency.

This month we want a simple world with activities that allow us to feel more healthy and happy.

But while that is happening there will be those that are stubborn and resist change in violent ways that continue to cause suffering.

Expect to see things that will shock you and be jaw-dropping.

No matter what happens, pay attention to your body and what you need. Let nature speak to you in the whispers of compassion and kindness. Appreciate the power and magic that is held in this moment in time.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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