Astrology for February 2021

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius till February 20th.

Venus is also in Aquarius on the 1st.

And more is coming. The Sun is already in Aquarius with Jupiter and Saturn. It is an Aquarian storm, the likes of which none of us have witnessed in our lives. It is exciting.

I am looking forward to it in every way.

It makes the struggles (over the last many years) worth it in the long run if that is what it takes to make this world evolve and finally care.

On February 9th, Saturn will be sextile to Chiron, promoting healing and softening the stance of so much hate. Saturn is the rough and aggressive energy that Chiron needs to shape, so a new smoother edge emerges.

This month, embrace our uniqueness, see what we have to offer others, and finally find value in being just who we are. We can be ourselves without needing more drama or controversy. Respect has new and added value in a world where we had lost a sense of decency.

Remember, authenticity is always humble.

The more we embrace the rawness of that most vulnerable and delicate part of ourselves, the more we can find that elusive success we have been seeking.

On the 11th, there is a bright and sparkling New Moon in Aquarius. It helps manifest that clean break from our old world. Our minds embrace a new vision that allows for expressing ourselves in objective ways that move past the old patterns of fear that have stopped us from taking certain risks.

This New Moon gets magnified because so much is also in Aquarius. And those planets are squaring Uranus in Taurus. While this can create clashes with others or ourselves, it is time to put effort into something and allow new trends to be a part of our expanding self. Don’t push too hard. After all, Mercury is still retrograde.

On February 14th, tensions will arise. I know it is not the best time right at Valentine’s Day but expect some upsets to gain momentum. But they have no stamina or strength because they will not serve the highest good. Eventually, their perspective will disappear.

On the 17th, Saturn and Uranus square, causing continued friction. While Saturn wants structure and Uranus wants freedom, I do not see this as a problem. Saturn in Aquarius will help ground the dreams of Aquarius into a reality that can gain traction. Dream big and know there will be many tedious steps that will allow us to get there.

I know that Americans have trouble with rules and limitations. But somethings have to have structure; otherwise, there is no safety when chaos is allowed to do what it wants. We can be an individual and still be a responsible member of society. Know that some will strain against forces of old habits the need to be let go of finally.

This month, there will be a lot of adjusting going on. We will have to find a new balance between our creative and progressive sides and the parts that want order and convention. It is an active month filled with attempts to find solutions to our problems. Whereas before, we saw differences in opinion as a problem, now we need to find a way not to allow views to block progress that is good for the whole.

We will see those that resist this massive energetic shift feel out of sorts and hold the intention to be oppositional. But that is a game that is too familiar and now has become boring.

Mercury will straighten out and fly right on the 20th, and all the other planets will also be moving forward “full steam ahead.”

Jupiter will trine the North Node on the 26th, and that will help us finally move past our fears and into having the courage to leave the past behind. It is time to embrace a broader vision and balance that with what we came here to do and learn.

We learn this month not to believe in an individual but to believe in an idea that ignites the power and passion of a group that wants to bring good things into this world.

We recognize that when those come together that care about this planet and our world, then we (together) can push towards growth and improvement that expands minds and deepens who we are on a personal level. This moment in life has a significant meaning. We have a very long way to find peace, but we can start to find out how to harmonize those discordant notes and come together to manifest a symphony of innovation and change. We are here to discover that shared ideas will always make us stronger and more powerful when we learn to work together.

There is a Full Moon on the 27th in Virgo, and that brings a sudden awareness into our lives that is particularly important and will shape who we are to become. Those things that we put off out of fear or confusion now have a direction and purpose. Routines change towards creating the long-term stability that we have been seeking.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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