June 1, 2023

Astrology for June 2023

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Astrology for June 2023



We start the Month off with a bang, as the North Node will conjunct Jupiter, June 1st in Taurus. This will pull us towards those that seek what is also attractive to us. While we will connect with others in positive ways, we are also going to be required to embrace many changes and incorporate new beliefs. Social situations seem to concern us and the safety of those we love. To make the necessary shifts we are going to be required to maintain a strong directional focus all month.
June 3rd, there is a gorgeous Full Moon in Sagittarius. We seek to reach towards a more hopeful approach and to bring us out of the old and into the new. Expansion is the key word for this Full Moon, but caution is advised because being too optimistic may make us also unrealistic. Then others will not follow us or believe that what we ask of them will be possible.
Pluto will go into Capricorn for one final sojourn on June 11th. This will help us figure out how to align better with what is coming in January 2024. We have one more chance to find constructive use to the rapid progression that is going to engage all of us for the next two decades. If you want life to slow down, you are going to miss the boat completely. Each of us need to embrace very new ideas and ways to help this world and all that live here and call this their home.
Saturn decides to head back to the old barn on June 17th, and it will intend to take us where it wants to go until November 4th. Easiest way to do this is to take all responsibilities seriously, and to remember to be prepared.
I think this aspect might add fury to a horrible hurricane season. Best to be prepared.
While Saturn loves to bring up our darkest, internalized fears, know that panic is not the path. Best to look at what we are committed to and why. Make better choices based on facts not feelings.
June 18th, there is a New Moon in Gemini and that can really help us communicate what is possible if we all work together. On a social level we are here to learn from each other and to set aside obvious differences in order to do what is right.
On the 19th of June, Jupiter and Saturn will sextile and that is the perfect time to see those things that we have been working on … start to come together. Stay balanced and know that our approach is one that needs to see both sides of the coin. Best to be aware of what might later bite us in the ass. Take heed of advice offered and know that we all need to finish what we have started. This is perfect for construction projects and feeling satisfied with what gets accomplished. Remember to not listen to rumor, hearsay or opinions. This aspect makes most of what comes out of mouths suspect. Keep to the Golden Rules and do not do what is unethical. If we do things from a simpler perspective, success is practically guaranteed.
We finish out the month the Neptune going retrograde and that can cast a fog over our dreams and ambitions. If you get inspired … know that what you wish for will take more time than anticipated. Do not get discouraged but know that without putting in the required effort, then … that dream may fade away.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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