Astrology for March 2018 – Video

Astrology for March 2018

This month we have two Full Moons. It begins on March 1st, with the Full Moon in Virgo. This creates the desire to start paying attention to detail and to get things in order.

And at the end of the Month we have another Full Moon in Libra on March 31st.

Then in the middle of it all is a New Moon in Pisces on March 17th. While there is a Mercury Retrograde in Aries on March 20/22.

Believe it or not. I think March is going to be more intense than either January or February (I just heard all of you groan!).

Starting it all off is this energy of the 1st which is about figuring out how to make yourself look and feel different. Think of it like a moment to choose to live and let live. It is a moment to let that past chip on your shoulder go and move towards your next soul progression.

But sometimes you have to purge first.

While some of you are going to go through a cleaning out of the old self and experience, others of you will be looking ahead to accurately figure out what is the impulse that makes you feel alive and connected with the higher order of life. There is so much in Pisces right at the beginning of this month. The Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron. The Sun and Neptune come together and makes you realize that those dreams and positive energy that you want to happen, are not necessarily going to be possible because they are in opposition to the Moon in Virgo. If you want it to happen, you are going to have to let go of a lot of old baggage.

It is time to rethink your life and recognize what is really important and what things really give us energy and those shallow and thoughtless things that don’t. It is time to expand your life and mind. March is about what you connect to and what is around you. You question where you want to go. And you see that what has been happening, finally has a flow because it is going to bring in a new group of people for you to connect with. It is time to reconnect you to your pure self.

You need to question your positions in your life. You need to recognize that you have gotten off track and now you have to get back on track. You need to get back to what is really important. You have to really look at what has been a façade of good things but that the end result was not what you had in your mind.

Saturn in Capricorn is a type of slave driving force that might finally have a little bit of a slower pace because of all the retrogrades. All these retrogrades in March (Jupiter and Mercury) are making you reflect on your mind and how you think about things.

Mercury has been in Pisces for too long (for most of you) and the wishy washy-ness has made many feel like they did not know what to choose and they could not see how anything was going to turn out. But that is going to change.

March 6th, Mercury goes into Aries and it is finally out of a difficult position and helping all of you feel more certain and clear about where you are heading and what you really want. That day also Venus moves into Aries. Expect some sort of fire and some sort of unexpected energy that you did not see coming. You are going to need more information. More than you have ever needed in your life. Your old reality and old ideas have become obviously antiquated and out of touch with this reality.

This moment is going to be uncomfortable because you are going to have to recognize and own all of your egotistical behavior and selfish tendencies that are exclusionary and not inclusive. It will not be a pretty mirror to look into. You have been walling yourself off and this day is going to begin to blow up that self-made wall and shatter your isolation and mental superiority. You are going to want certain things. But you are not going to get those things if you are not emotionally and spiritually prepared for that next step.

Jupiter is going to go retrograde on March 8th and while a Jupiter retrograde is not what anyone looks forward to, this retrograde is in Scorpio. And it allows you to review and reflect on what you really what. Jupiter stops all of its effulgent expansion and most of you will notice a bit of a crimp in the daily affairs of life. Things just don’t seem to be moving as easily and you are not getting the accolades you were expecting or wanting. But then you have a chance to look inside and decide about what it is you want and need on a deeper soul level.

This is the moment when you have to deal with the external world saying, “Enough is enough!” You have the information you need to change but now you have to DO something. You cannot just stay in the La-La land of possibility. You have been told and told, again and again, and you are not taking action.

Now it is time to use the energy and make a choice. The pieces of your life are right there to be put together, but you have to put it together. You have a need. But you need to not wait for others to do it for you. You will have to do it for yourself.

This month is a reality check moment.

You have been testing the universe, and it is a childish, selfish way to live when you constantly keep testing the divine and asking for more and more. (An example would be when you keep asking for some form of confirmation. When you have clearly already been told. But you fear holds you back and you are still afraid. So once again, you want another confirmation.) But the universe says, “Enough!”. And now you have to just move.

March 17th has a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. And Mars goes into Capricorn. This can create a bit of hopelessness. You might feel like God officially left the building. You might question what you are doing? You wonder what is the next step? But you are being asked to work with the universe. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all going to be in Capricorn and these are the three heavy hitters. Mars likes war and lives for conflict. Saturn likes things when they are difficult and hard. Saturn likes it when decisions and toughness are the determining factors. Pluto rules death, exposing the truth, penetration, and breakdown. This could be a terrible moment.

I don’t know what is going to happen, but this moment is going to require a lot of determination. You are going to discover that the things that you have placed such a lot of importance on are going to seem ridiculous and you will see the shallowness and childishness of your behavior.

Things are going to get very real, very quickly. So, know you have been told and recognize that you have to grow up in a way that can be overwhelming. No one is going to rescue you. You have to rescue you. This is a moment when you want to move with humility and consciousness. Slow and steady is going to help you win. But you will need to use the strategic restraint of Saturn to help you along the way. This is an extreme day. Put a circle on that day in the calendar. And do your best to practice kindness at all costs.

March 20th Spring officially arrives and we all can say goodbye to a very intense Winter period. The Sun enters Aries and that will contribute to a warming of hearts, minds, and spirits. This day will tell you what the next 6 months look like for you, personally. That day sets the stage. Notice this day! Where you feel put out or where you feel things are off are going to come up. You might feel like you got screwed by the universe. But you have to recognize the wound inside of you is old… very old. And in order to address and heal that wound you are going to have to do the thing you promised yourself that you would never do. But guess what? You are going to have to go back to that issue and you are going to be mad at the universe. Once you have the courage to turn and deal with this old energy then somewhere in the next 6 months this issue will finally be put to rest.

March 22nd Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries and that will make you question your direction and choices while there is that deepening reflection of the Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio and that will possibly bring up issues and a need to make choices around your sexual expression and the deeper yearning of your soul. This gives you a chance to get back to your own world and give you a rest from all the shifting.

This position is called the Saturnian deathbed. What you say in these next few weeks will either help you or haunt you for a long time. And perhaps even in your death moment. Choose carefully and wisely. Words have power to create and to destroy.

March 31st there is the Full Moon in Libra and Venus goes into Taurus. This might sound easy but it is not easy at all. You are either going to hit the accelerator and go forward or you are going to want to collapse into that place of hopelessness. There is going to be more intensity than you will want to deal with.

This is not about flowing and feeling fabulous. It is about finding the places you are still expecting the universe to validate your beliefs and to save you. But what it is going to do is exactly the opposite. It is going to drop you into your self-made hole and allow you to find your own way out. That is because you were warned, told, and given all the tools to change. And if you did not…. the consequences are going to be overt and painful.

Life is moving towards a crescendo. You get to choose. Deepen your commitments or allow the fracturing of your wounds to open back up again. What will it take for you to stop allowing your ego and mind to constantly head-butt with others? It takes a lot of ego to ignore the whisperings of Pisces in your ear, telling you to come back to compassion. It is stressful and exhausting to hold a position that is undefendable.

I hate to remind you but many of you think that you are going to be getting a break somewhere. But you are not. And it is going this way for the next 2 and a half years. So, you have to get to work. The slave driver Saturn is hitting hard, and you are not going to have a “good time”. This is a time to put the work in and deal with it.  If you focus you can move mountains over the next 2 ½ years. You will be amazed at what you are going to manifest. But it might be a bit harsh. This is a time when you will have to do what you have to do to make it through. No frills, no fuss, no complaining, and no shortcuts. But have the faith that you have what you need to make it through. It is right there in front of you. You have just not been using the tools that you were given.

Now, the real work starts. This is the moment when you will find out that you are stronger than you ever knew. You have a spark that can guide you through the darkness of the astrology if you are willing to use it and get moving.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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