Astrology for May 2021

Astrology for May


May contains many significant issues on multiple levels.

On May 5, Jupiter and Uranus will quintile. It brings out more unique ideas and projects.

On May 11, there is a New Moon in Taurus. We are all ready for a new beginning. We want a more secure world and a redistribution of money, wealth, power, comfort, and things that make families happy. It makes family time important and vacations even more essential for healing and positive change.

We are again being asked to embrace more compassion and use our imagination to do better.

On May 13, Jupiter shifts out of Aquarius and into Pisces till the end of July, at which point it goes back into Aquarius. Jupiter loves to be in Pisces because Jupiter used to rule Pisces before they discovered Neptune with telescopes. Jupiter in Pisces is like music that soothes the savage beast within all of us. And a bit of smoothing out is just what is needed right now. This position is about luck and richness in life. Listen to all intuitive feedback. Look towards those that need your help. Give that help in ways that are kind, gentle, and promote understanding. If you use this pattern negatively, you will pull toward escapism, self-deception, and morals that will fall apart. Do not let things slide. Confront the truth and make plans to deal with what is right in front of you.

Mercury begins to turn retrograde on the 15th by going still in the sky. It fully turns retrograde May 29-June 22. This is particularly interesting because the communications breakdown cycle occurs in Gemini. I expect many more travel glitches going forward. I know everyone wants to travel and have things open up, but I am sure complications will arise. Perhaps it is the India concern as the virus goes out of control and can impact all of us.

There will be a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10/11 in the same degrees of Gemini as Mercury retrograde. (more about that next month).

There is a Lunar Eclipse that is also the most intense Super Moon of this year. With this Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, know that emotions are likely to be heightened. It will bring much-needed insight into what is happening. We are expanding. We want to see the truth but not let some things get out of control. Many communication issues are going to alter within this year. Stay on top of them. It is essential to keep up.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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