November 3, 2019


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Astrology for November 2019

We start off November in a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Let’s just say that all those things you have been holding back from saying are going to come out full force. You should have been noticing that for the last 3 weeks, as Mercury went stationary in the sky and decided to go right in front of the sun (or into the heart and heat of the sun). If you were not hot and bothered under the collar before, you for sure are now.

Jupiter is in its final phase in the fiery sign of Sagittarius through this month and astrologers remind us that firsts and lasts in astrology tend to magnify the energy and the lessons, just to make sure you got them clearly in a place where you can utilize them constructively.

If it feels like the timeline is accelerating, you would be right. November puts an icy knife into an already flayed reality or an exclamation to the end of every poignantly painful experience over the last year. The energy fields are obviously being amplified to a level of loudness that some will want to run for cover with their hands over their ears, screaming.

2019 has been a year of years, brutal, raw, painful, and aggravating but hopefully transformative. At this point you should not feel like you did at the beginning of this year. You should feel less apologetic, more direct, care less about what others think, and you should know who you can count on in times of trouble. This has been a year of sorting out big priorities in your world and metaphorically cleaning house, big time!

These next two months are critical preparation for what is to come in 2020. You are being funneled into a narrow passageway that speeds up the flow of emotions (water) and channels you into a massive magnetic shift that is 2020.

Hopefully you have discovered, uncovered, and revealed some sort of “Codes for Freedom” that you are going to be using throughout 2020 and possibly beyond.

We have literally taken powerful outer planets and crossed the Galactic Midline in our galactic position in the space/time continuum.

In November, Jupiter will also be crossing that same point. So this month we are at the High Water Line to a global and collective energetic activation. It will literally take centuries before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cross this same karmic point again. On all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, we are now in the place of a “Burning off of Karma”

The world and all that live here are in a cosmic reset. In such moments time speeds up. We are being plugged into a wild cosmic dance. One of wonder, imagination, new possibilities, and designed to show you how you are interconnected to the great mysteries to fill the emptiness and all the things that seem off and lacking at the moment.

I personally have been noticing many circular patterns of completion happening. People from my past coming back into my life with a more expansive understanding and the desire to connect from the place of honor, acceptance, and recognition that right now is a moment of tremendous importance. Spiritual family are awakening and reconnecting during this momentous time in history. It is a beautiful modern iteration and evolution of the many lifetimes that we have all come together to witness the chaotic growth that is happening right now.

On some level it makes me nervous. So many coming back in, all at once, to say what is true in the heart that we all love and deeply care for each other. Even if we have not spoken in 30 years. It is amazing. And it means something. Something very big.

This is a critical moment when there is a global awakening to truth. The layers of lies and mental distortions break down to reveal an inner depth. Things that were (in the past) difficult to verbalize are now flowing and cutting through a layer of mental confusion, self-doubt, and fear of being embarrassed. There is a desire to get past the self-consciousness of our youth and just say what is really important. It feels as if what is said now, is essential to the powerful cosmic reset that is happening at this time.

Truth is always inconvenient. We live in a world that makes a lot of money from spiritual bypassing. Shallow spiritual tools are used by those that only want to hook you and make you pay money for some “fix” of instant gratification.

But “real” spiritual work is messy. Very messy. “Real” spirituality strips you bare and removes the trappings of safety that the ego needs and makes you feel all the things that you have attempted to avoid and suppress. This month you are ridding yourself of all the “junk” that has accumulated in your life. That includes material junk, as well as, spiritual junk. It is clear that the “Band-Aid” spiritual tools that truly have no substance or depth (because they are just mind games) have become revealed as woefully inadequate.

Overall, November is a good time to communicate deep emotions to those you love and care about. It is a good time to connect more deeply with those that you don’t know well. Authenticity is a skill that everyone is craving right now. There is a total exhaustion around dealing with the masks of the egos that are flailing around in the world right now. It is an important time to look at your financial plan as the communications planet moves backwards in the sign of sex, death and taxes. You need to protect what is yours and pay off the debt and give yourself some room to move in new ways that are thoughtful and careful.

The relationship planet Venus is moving through a mood of “I’m ready for a party” Sagittarius until the 25th. It is a good time to mix private time with charitable works.

Have a wonderful beginning to the Holiday Season.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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