Astrology for September 2020


September Astrology 2020

And …. We are off to the races!
There will be many races besides a Race For The White House.
Just a reminder that the New Moon on August 18th is still impacting us because it was in Leo. It is helping you share your more unique self and your creative powers remain strong at the moment.

That is because there is a Full Moon right at the start of September. On the 2nd of the month, and it sets the stage that you will be dealing with complicated yet necessary conditions and situations. It will become clear that you will have to take action even though all things seem uncertain.
Then there will be a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th which pushes the desire for a practical beginning.
Venus in Cancer may surprise you on the 6th.
Mars in Aries begins to stop in the sky preparing for its turn retrograde. Sort of perfect as we are heading into the equinox where there will be equal amounts of time between day and night. It goes retrograde on the 9th and will be there until November 13th. The negative side of this aspect can make violence in the streets erupt and I worry for the safety of all voters in this tense election cycle. Make sure to vote early and take your vote personally into the correct place. Under this aspect, upsets and slights will be taken personally and deep unresolved internalized emotions will come exploding out. It will feel as if we are all in a pressure cooker and the lid it about to blow. Expect passive-aggressive behavior and to see the more negative side of humanity. Know that there are paid and not paid instigators of chaos. Always be with a group you trust and if you see someone acting out bad behavior, as a group, do something to stop it, video it, or call that person out. But there is always hope with those that instead of using this aspect aggressively, turn it instead to assertion. You can use this same energy to discover what your inner motivations and desires are. You may want to take up projects and things of interest that lead you to a deeper understanding.
Jupiter goes direct on the 12th. And it is the moment when you might begin to feel this ship (the Titanic) turning away from an iceberg. There is a more positive feeling that we can miss the horror in front of us if we work together. There is a desire to share what you know and have learned.
With the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th, opportunities open for some and you learn to take charge of your own life by organizing your office, editing that book, shifting things towards better health. It is a time when you feel positively inspired to make a big difference.
The Sun goes into Libra on the 22nd and it will bring in a deep need and desire to have a world in better balance.
Saturn quintiles with Chiron (the wounded/healer/teacher) on the 25th. It is giving much needed confidence and competence in a period of unrest and upset. If you work hard, you can make it work. You can discover qualities within you that move towards integration rather than controversy. But it can only be done if you make choices and act from a professional, respectful manner with others.
The Mercury goes into Scorpio, so and expect the mood to deepen and darken towards the end of the month.
Saturn goes direct on the 29th and it is a perfect time to take care of your responsibilities and bring practicality to all things. Know your limitations and make the necessary adjustments. Long term plans become more and more clear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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