Astrology for September 2021

Astrology For September 2021


Sorry for getting this out late. So many things got ahead of me before I knew it. Thank you for your patience.

I have been working on the Intuitive Patterns for the Month of September 2021. And now on Sept 3rd I am finally getting to the overview for the astrology. I hope to get this out on the 4th of the month.

Let’s do the astrology for September 2021.

Par for the course, the first few days of September makes us feel out of sorts and out of touch. Spaciness is something that we have been feeling for a while, but we are going to blame Mars and Neptune duking it out as to who is in charge. Neptune is the much bigger planet and so in the game of gravitational mass and pull, Neptune clearly wins in this dual. Yet, actions seem blocked and obstacles are everywhere. Probably best to meditate and plan for a future that is not yet clear and will require more changes than we can currently foresee.

I hope everyone had a lovely, safe, nature-loving Labor Day weekend.

Sending out a prayer that the Covid variants will not impact us more than it is presently. Our hospitals can’t take much more.

Okay, the New Moon on the 5-6th, and initiates us into the shifts of season. It is in the sign of Virgo and while the Sun is also in Virgo we will feel compelled to organize, clear away, and strip down those things that have outlived their usefulness.

Clearly, we have a sense of a new beginning from our emotional spaces and from our physical places. For a time, we may feel as if we have some of our energy back and there are a few surprises that await in the following days.

New Moons ask us to plant the seeds for what is arising from our intuitive core. It is time to take advantage of the energy in such moments to refine and organize those things that may need our attention. It is a perfect time to plan some shopping for the holidays and move us towards getting out of some debt by the end of the year. Sometimes the structure of Virgo is just what is needed to get us back on track.

On September 10th Venus goes into Scorpio. Expect all things around love to magnify and intensify. Scorpio is very good at that. Remember, that some things take longer than we expect and that is what love is about. Being willing to grow and learn with each other.

September 14th, Mars enters Libra reminding us that it is about leaning to use charm to motivate and support the growth of those we love. Clearly, at this time in history, there are many different sides of an issue. It makes us feel indecisive and not know how to act.

No one wants to be the “bad guy”. But in these precarious times, force rarely works. Often the best approach is one that is indirect and engaging rather than righteous and aggressive.

Expect some obstacles to show up around the 16th in business. Take it slow and consciously choose to not overreact.

Once we get to the Pisces Full Moon on September 20th, things feel lighter and emotionally brighter. That is helpful because the summer felt emotionally exhausting.

Balance is the key to maintaining high states of consciousness in this stressful world.

We feel this Virgo/Pisces axis and it strongly reminds us that if we continue to neglect ourselves, nature, and our world, we will find ourselves living in chaos. Notice if your way of coping is to obsess around having order or control. That is not going to help in the long run though it might feel satisfying in the short term.

We are on a path to self-determination. We are realizing how our thoughts are impacting the world and how our unresolved conflicts have escaped our control and are now loose in the world.

We also feel as if we are being aided by Mercury and Jupiter as they shine a positive light on a few essential things. If you are willing to speak the truth and be an advocate for those things in life worth fighting for, you will have a lot of help and support from the stars this month.

The Season of Libra starts on the 22nd and it makes family and relationships a high priority. That desire for a greater balance in our personal life will positively reflect towards our professional life if we allow those we love to feel pampered and also to make sure we do some things to pamper ourselves.

If Covid has taught us anything, it has shown us that family is essential and there are some things we are just not willing to risk for any amount of money.

On September 27th, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra and it will throw those not born in a Mercury retrograde for a quick loop around our dysfunctional thoughts. If you are born in a Mercury retrograde you may not feel much, so enjoy watching others feel trapped and unable to get things to move the way that they intended. We can use this energy to discover those truths that have been hidden. To do that we will need to let the old patterns of control go and embrace a very new and uncertain path that lies ahead.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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