March 31, 2020


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April Astrology Overview


Batten down the hatches because April is going to be a very wild ride. External forces that are beyond the control of individuals are going to transform us past the old arrogant ways and into a very new and much more compassionate place. Everyone will feel touched by these changing circumstances. I will say that I expect this process to last through June so get ready and be prepared. Eat very consciously and listen to what your body needs.

April Fool’s Day is not a moment to play lots of tricks on others. People are on an edge, and with the Cancer Moon, most need love and support rather than more things to scare or frighten them.

Pluto is cleansing away things that inhibit your power or your divine light and gifts. Fear-based energies are becoming more and more obvious and you are less and less inclined to fall into the old traps of fear.

April 3rd, Venus moves into Gemini. this goddess of love, beauty, negotiation and diplomacy is normally in a sign for 3 weeks. But there is a retrograde of Venus, May 13-June 24, and this puts her dancing a longer dance in Gemini and she will be influencing us till early August. I expect this to be a contributing factor to the Stock Market Collapse that will happen probably in June/July. Protect your money now as this may be the last moment you can do that or you will have to ride it out for many years to get a financial recovery.

April 7th is the second of three Super Moons and is probably the strongest of the three. Expect emotional energy to continue to rise up and make you feel out of balance and way, way off your normal edges.

With the Sun in Aries you want to really begin a new path. You recognize how tired you have been and you can now see that you have been deeply exhausted for a very long time. You notice how you have been running on adrenaline for so long that this enforced stop has made you realize that you need to pay much more attention to your individual needs.

All the while Jupiter and Pluto continue to put you through a series of tests and challenges. Jupiter asked the question: “Do you really know who you are?” And Pluto demands that you confront what appears as fear, wounding, or beliefs that are disempowering. Higher spiritual principals are demanding that you live your life with a much higher degree of integrity and truth.

Mars ignites the warrior spirit within you to awaken and revolutionary Uranus demands you to think way outside the box and to be much more thoughtfully innovative. While both these planets want to move quickly. You will not be able to make this moment in time move faster than the universe requires. That is because it is our unconscious speedy culture that is destroying this world. Quick money, quick fixes, quick lives are all responsible for a type of ego development that demands immediate satisfaction and is unaware of the negative impact we have on so many things in this world.

We are being asked to go so very slow in order to develop a different awareness and skill set. We are being asked to become one with this world rather than separate from it. Value systems will have to be revolutionized and radically altered. Thoughtful concentration is going to become a new pace of this planet.

Around the 12th of things are going to slow way down. Let yourself be quiet and reflective. You might feel a bit gapped out also. Stay grounded. It will take effort to do that.

There is a New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd and it will align with Uranus and I expect many strange things to happen. While I do not know what will happen I can tell you that something will happen and it is something big. I foresee that it will not be normal to our American reality.

As Easter is in April, we are in that time when it is intentional that we reflect on the massive sacrifices that have happened in this world for mankind and recognize that those sacrifices are continuing in the tremendous effort of our healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, truckers, delivery workers, and cleaning services at this time. Easter is a time when you feel the loss of one of the great teachers in this world. He was murdered because of the power-mongers and those that will do anything (even condone murder, death, and suffering) to maintain the control over a country and their populace. Notice the similarity to this moment now. We are being asked to use our awareness to practice practical spirituality in our life. Any spirituality that condones hate, suffering, separation, and bigotry needs to be revealed to be false and should not be allowed to continue.

April 22nd there is a Meteor shower and this is an effort of the spiritual realms as they attempt to connect to the earthly realms. A deeper connection with both can improve your alignment and understanding.

April begins a massive change and the ground underneath you is being prepared for this major shift that is coming in December. I expect sleep to be a continuing problem this entire month. Remember too care for each other. Remember to listen to the emotional needs of others. Do not fall into the esoteric position of light polarized, spiritual perspectives. This is a moment that balance is required  from the light and the dark sides of your nature. Only by acknowledging and working with both sides can this world  fully heal.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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