Astrology Predictions for 2019 – Mother Earth Awakening – The Vortex

Astrology Predictions for 2019
Mother Earth Awakening
The Vortex



With the Astrology clearly focusing in the areas of earth, this will be a time when Mother Earth makes her position very clear on our insanity, our choices, and our lack of empathy. You are going to discover how much you are going to need to take care of your own health, wealth, home, family, and stability. What you eat is also something that is going to be clearly shifting. Whether this is because of circumstances or because of awakening to the suffering of animals. While I am not sure how it will manifest, I do see a trend to a forced confrontation with the numbness that we have allowed to take over our own moral conscience.

First let us look at the obvious, Saturn (earth planet) and Pluto (frozen water planet) are in the dark, solstice, melancholic, sign of Capricorn. Pluto tries to destroy everything in its wake. But from the ashes rises a completely new reality. You are always more than what you think defines you. You will be asked to let go and learn to work together. We are going to have to learn to share resources, food, supplies, etc. We will have to recognize the global connection that is what this world is all about.

Uranus solidly anchors into Taurus on March 6th for 7 years. How I believe this is going to impact things is probably mostly in construction. Even now, we are seeing that (as in California) fire-resistant housing failed miserably in these drought driven fires. I believe that radical changes in everything from how we put up electrical wiring, to fire-proof housing innovations, and hurricane resistance building codes are going to be implemented over the next 7 years. This aspect also influences the balance of how we treat each other in the world. Boundaries and borders are going to be an issue. There are those countries that do not want to share, and this is a time when there is a rise in those countries and people that want keep what they have and keep others out. We are in a time of great financial turbulence over the next few years. Difficult aspects such as these are opportunities to achieve things that you could never have conceived of in less tumultuous times. Intensity builds force and momentum. You break out of trying to please others and you do what you need to do for you. You will have to be your own leader. And that might be a very good thing.

And in December 2019 “Big Daddy” Jupiter is also going into Capricorn. It is a time of new leaders rising up. There will be new leaders of consciousness, connecting us to what is really important.

What sustains you in difficult times? It is always that spiritual connection. And all spiritual connections speak of simplicity and letting go of the trappings of ego and self-importance. You will find that you may feel a great need to connect in a way to new spiritual tools that assist you in making sense out of this intensely transformational time. And that would be a good thing.

Building communities is going to be important. Finding where you are feeling connected, even more so. Notice where the conditioning of your past is hindering your progression and happiness.

All the Mercury Retrogrades are moving into water signs. Those retrogrades are March, July, and November. You are going to learn to be quieter. It is time to learn how to slow down and bring about healing through communication. Are you speaking with gentleness, compassion, and kindness?

If you cannot do that, it is better to be silent until you can.

This year’s focus is going to make everyone look at how you use time and structure. Either to your benefit or detriment. It does not matter if you have a strong Capricorn in your chart or not, because you have Capricorn in some house in your chart and that particular area is going to feel it the most.

2019 is about “Learning Lessons or Facing the Consequences of Not Learning Those Lessons”.

Lack of Integrity is what will be the precursor for change this year.

It is already happening.

You can see it in the politics now.

Because Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn for over a year and it is forcing some to look at the integrity or lack thereof in the world. It is a year where you have to stand alone and not be influenced by other people. You have to learn how to focus on what is really important for you.

Such patterns play out personally… but also globally. Here I am going to attempt to help you see both and weave them together to form a consensus and a mood to help you navigate this period where so much change intends to happen.

Let’s take a look at the eclipses. I believe that they set the tone and stage for the upcoming shifts.

It will play out like a great Shakespearian play (King Lear to be specific) with all of its complex dimensions and emotional plot twists. If you know this play you know it is a masterpiece of Shakespeare but a terrible tragedy.

As you will see there is a very strong focus in the energy of Capricorn (earth).

On January 5th or 6th (depending on where you are) there is a first eclipse with a New Moon that is a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn.

Then a Full Moon total lunar eclipse January 21st in Leo.

Another Solar eclipse July 2nd, in Cancer.

Followed by a lunar eclipse on July 16th in Capricorn.

And ending the year with an annular solar eclipse December 26th in Capricorn.

I want to start at the beginning and work through each of them.

January 5th – 6th eclipse in Capricorn is setting the stage for the much bigger eclipse on July 2, 2019. This eclipse starting the year 2019, is generally more positive. In part because of its positive alignment with the star Vega. It gives this eclipse the energy of optimism and generosity. While it also conjuncts Saturn, giving it a serious tone, it also has a helpful Neptune energy that is encouraging kindness and integrity.

This is the day I would do my New Year’s Resolutions. Your mind is willing to look at the truth of what you need to work on and there is illumination that makes you willing to modify your old habits and behaviors.

It is not lost on me that our newly elected Congress has started back and there is a feeling of movement and optimism as they all come together and begin to sort out what needs to be accomplished and quickly. Duties and responsibilities take on a more important tone and it brings a feeling of clearing out the old dead wood that has been blocking the flow of the river of change that needs to happen.

January 21st, eclipse in Leo.  The Full Moon of this eclipse magnifies the emotions already heightened by the solar eclipse on January 6th. It is in the first degree of Leo and is a total lunar eclipse. This eclipse is greatly impacted by the planet Uranus in a challenging square, heightening the uncertainty and rebellion that brings change and opportunity.

Expect the news to cause you a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. It will make you question your future. The pace of life is going to feel hectic, but the other planets will give you a feeling that you have no choice but to have confidence and courage at this moment in time. New opportunities will be there, but you will need self-control, patience and a very open mind to be able to capitalize on them.

The old rules are going to no longer apply. You may feel like you are hanging on by your fingernails.

There is also a Mercury square Uranus on that day. So, expect radical and sudden changes. Avoid new connections and relationships at this time because they will create more upset than help.

In the long run, those connections (if they are new) will negatively impact your life.

Friends and family will be in an uproar and you will need extra patience to cope with the intense energy flowing out of others, in your direction. Avoid paperwork and things that require a lot of concentration. That is because your focus is arbitrary and not precise. Don’t change your plans suddenly as that opens you to unexpected consequences. Strategize, make a plan, and do that plan. That will help the angels keep you safe and sound.

July 2nd has a total solar eclipse in Cancer. Because of the positive influences from Uranus and a star in Gemini it is refreshing and optimistic. Being with friends is a perfect way to play with this eclipse, and as we are close to the 4th of July, I expect the coming together of family and friends for all of these days.

This eclipse attempts to bring health, wealth, and honor. It is the first break we have had in the chaotic negativity that has plagued us all for years. This brings about some sort of an end to a conflict. Dreams finally seem possible again and while there is work to be done, there is a bounty of patience and a willingness to do the hard work. New possibilities are on the table and the plans for the future seem clearer.

Sciences come back into the topics of trust and acceptance. There will be a rallying cry for change, as our country is (after all) a Cancer born country.

With the Saturn sextiling Neptune this day, you finally see the limitations and also feel oddly optimistic. It is time to move forward with consistency without denying yourself or making too many sacrifices.

July 16th the lunar eclipse is again in Capricorn, forcing a confrontation. This eclipse is a doozy, so expect power struggles to bring about some type of crisis. This moment will be a “kick in the pants” for the #MeToo Movement.

Something will happen that will set women on a path to force the patriarchal authority to change and pay attention. This might just be the breaking point for the old guard because the public disgrace is going to destroy reputations. Perhaps that is necessary and the only way to create the much-needed lasting changes that will bring empathy and understanding back into the balance of life.

Disharmony will be called out firmly and force a reset of our moral compass. This eclipse is all about finally seeing the dark secrets and bad behaviors that have created suffering, conflict, and chaos in the world. It will begin to force a dramatic transformation of our society and culture.

I hope that something good will come out of all this bad.

That is my prayer for all the discord and strife that will reorganize our values.

This eclipse can bring about a natural disaster. Watch the weather and know that the hurricane season is going to be one to remember. I expect this very feminine eclipse to uncover and challenge the miss-deeds and misuse of power by the masculine. This energy is going to confront the assumptions of the masculine patriarchy. It opens our eyes to what has been covered by lies and reveals the manipulative, deceitful, shameful behavior of those in power and breaks the backs of their greed and inflated pride.

I expect the solar eclipse on December 26th to be huge in Capricorn for many reasons. The first is that we are finally feeling the conjunction that is coming in on January 12, 2020 and that aspect is one that is determined to change the course of this world in drastic and graphic ways.

What that will look like is the question but looking at the above patterns you can see the shift of power out of the masculine and into the feminine hands.

There is tremendous disgrace for those that have attempted through lies and greed to get what they wanted. And those in power used their greed and avarice to the point of breaking and there will be a coming to justice through a crisis.

Lasting change often only comes at great cost and that cost is beginning to be felt in December by everyone.

When there is no other way… you have to change.

When you have lied yourself into discredited positions, to the point that no one believes you. Then the house of cards that you built collapses in on itself and reveals the illusion that you tried so hard to hide.

As this eclipse is in Capricorn with the conjunction coming on between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, I expect determined reactions and responses on a global scale.

This year stay as grounded as possible. Recognize that you do not know enough yet. Stay open to the options that present even if they do not align with what your ego wants. Know that it is going to be quite a ride. And learn to ride the intense waves with courage, determination, and the knowing that you are stronger than you perceive.
~Suzanne Wagner~





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