Astrology Predications for 2021

The arbiters of forward progression Jupiter and Saturn are moving into Aquarius on December 2020, shifting us out of the stuck and frozen space of Capricorn and into the powers of advancement and the fast-paced, rebellious, air sign of Aquarius.

That alone sets the stage for a massive turn in human consciousness.

We are at a milestone moment. One that initiates a 30 year revolution towards a world designed from a more communal and socially conscious and responsible place.

It is exciting! But to get there will be a whole other level of determination and long term effort that will be required from everyone on a global scale.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and as such, it will make us address and expect some people to stubbornly resist the change and move towards even more fanatical mind sets. Regardless of any attempts from this quadrant, the stars are in motion and they have determined that we need to move forward not stay stuck and trapped in our repetitive history.

There is going to be a big thrust on a political and global level to change everything that we have done that has been so destructive into something that intends to heal, integrate, and understand.

Expect the astrology to kick hard from January 20th-23rd (notice this is Inauguration Day). Mars will Conjunct Uranus and Square Jupiter.
Not that anyone is surprised but we can expect a historic lack of cooperation from the Aggressive sign of Mars with this fundamental change/making sign of Uranus. The old ways do not want to die. But it will not matter because new ideas are forcing their way into the conservative mindset and those major shifts have impetus and power behind them. They will not be stopped.

Then Mercury will go retrograde January 30-February 20, giving us a moment to take a breath and catch up to the massively shifting currents that are refusing to conform to the old and antiquated ways of the past.

Fortunately Venus will calm things down as it conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in the middle of the month of February. We are going to need this pattern.

Then at the end of February, Mercury will also go into Aquarius and give more power to the Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Let’s just say, that the words spoken will be grandiose and broad in their dream. Such big dreams will require a lot of effort and planning. Big dreams take time. And those shifts are just at the beginning.

In March, Venus will conjunct Neptune and the politics will have to take a back seat to the family matters that are dominate and pulling at your heart and soul.

In April, Uranus and Venus conjunct, then Venus will square Saturn while Pluto decides to go retrograde. To say it is going to be exciting is an understatement. It is a passion filled Spring that brings many things to a fevered pitch. Some of those things could be hard and painful. A pot is definitely going to boil over and towards the end of the month the astrology is so bad it can indicate massive political crackdowns, breakdowns, and even world wars.

In May, Jupiter is giving us a lot of heartache as it jumps all around. The middle of the month it moves into emotional Pisces. Then months later it will retrograde back into Aquarius the end of July. Jupiter and Saturn will square with Uranus and just know that it will feel like a boxing match politically. It is going to be extreme and strong. I predict a literal tectonic and seismic earthquake period globally. Regardless, transformation is the only way through. It is going to be bumpy so fasten your seat belts and look both ways, as you will be crossing big highways and streets as we intend to move forward.

At the end of May we go (once again) into the eclipse zone. And the duality pulling us between Sagittarius (May 26th – Lunar) and Gemini (June 10th – Solar). Expect many dualing opinions speaking and the strong voice of diversity loudly claiming its position in our country. For many, the world is going to go way outside their comfort zones.

From April through the Fall, there are a series of retrogrades. They intend to teach us to stop pushing forward and to instead stand firm, and construct the path ahead before stepping on it. Mistakes need to be honored and addressed. Clarification on many things needs to be reviewed. And the future needs strong strategies.

The end of June through the end of July – Venus and Mars are dancing to the extroverted light of Leo. Expect a lot of political drama and personal heart centered connection.

In September Pluto and Saturn will trine Mars. It may feel like old shit is coming back up and it can get frustrating that some will want to play the old games again. Know that such things are coming up because they are in limbo and need refining. It will be okay, don’t let it break down your hope.

November makes things want to boil over again when Mars enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus. Expect a fight. I hope it is not just us but a global shift demanding to be heard.

Then finally in December Venus conjuncts Pluto and that gives a moment of forgiveness and a begrudging nod of competence.

Overall, this year is about..Massive, Fast Paced Change.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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