August 12, 2016

Astrology Update for 8/12/16

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: August 12, 2016Categories: Astrology/Numerology
Additional astrological information for today.
Jupiter opposes Chiron today, and this aspect is the last in a set that first occurred in November 2015. This can be a time when you feel hungry for meaning and understanding, but it can be difficult to align with a personal philosophy or belief system that truly reflects your core. You might be led astray by old beliefs and your personal slants and preferences. This can also show up as a crisis of faith. You may be reviewing some of your old beliefs and preferences or seeing how you have adopted someone else’s perspective. You might feel more and more isolated in your opinions, visions, or plans for the future. You might feel misunderstood in the stand you are taking right now. Choices you have made in the past may no longer seem wise and so it is time to accept that you have made some choices that have proved false and step into a place of responsibility and new appropriate action. It is important to look within and come to a greater understanding of what you truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn’t serve a higher calling. New business endeavors may require a closer look before pushing forward. A project may have ended and now you might be feeling restless without it. You could face challenges in relationships due to differing beliefs. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, stimulating a desire for more than ordinary experiences.

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