April 25, 2020

Covid-19 Special for Clients During this Crisis

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Covid – Special for Clients During this Crisis

I am giving that gift of a big discount for those needing some extra guidance in this shutdown and the Coronavirus.

Normally a session with me for an hour is $150. But because of this special moment in time, I am giving a 55 minute psychic phone consultation is only $100. But there is more.

I am giving great and valuable additions.

Not only will you get a 55 minute psychic phone reading and an audio link to the recording afterwards. But if you give me your birthdate, place of birth, and time of birth I will put together information about your natal chart and what is coming astrologically towards you over the next year. This can take another hour of my time.

In addition you will also get a pdf copy of her Integral Numerology book and Workbook. And her entire Numerology class is on her Youtube channel for free.

I hope this helps in some small way during this time of struggle. Take care and stay safe.

Just got to my online scheduler and when you go to click on the type of session, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the Covid-19 Special. Click on that and make your appointment.

In the notes section, put your place and time of birth and she will have your chart ready. Please do one day in advance because of the additional time it will take to put the chart together.


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