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Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is associated with maturity. It shows where you want to be and the state of being that is total fulfillment for you. This shows how you will manifest your later years, retirement, and your death process. You can think of it as what you want your ultimate goal in life to be or how you want your retirement to look. You achieve your Destiny Number when you get past the age of 35. Some can achieve early destiny, but even then, it is still after the age of 30. Your Destiny Number teaches you how you handle the karma in your life. It is one of the most important numbers in the chart. It is the ruling force that describes what you must do in order to operate harmoniously with your environment and get the most out of your life.

This number is found by adding up all the numbers. In our example: 1-10-1956, you add the 1+1+0+1+9+5+6=23, then 2+3=5. The Destiny Number is 5.

The challenges of a Destiny Number can come in when there is an indication of potential health problems during the aging process or when couples that have different Destiny Numbers do not agree easily with each other. An example would be a Destiny of 11 who wants to travel and see the world and a Destiny of 6 who wants to stay rooted and have family around. These two may want different things in old age and that can create stress on the relationship.

How to determine when the Destiny Number is a “Two” or an “Eleven”

When someone is coming to you for a reading and they are younger in age, attempt to empower the person to move into the vibration of an 11 rather than a 2. Explain the difference and show them the pitfalls of falling into the negativity of the 2. This gives them the option to choose and grow through their life and work on uplifting the criticism of the mind to the elevated position of transcendence.

If they are older, it is often easy to distinguish whether they are in the pattern of the 11 or the 2. If their conversation is negative and complaining they have fallen into the 2. When this happens it is challenging to move older people who are stuck in their ways to the higher vibration of the 11. It is not impossible but they must choose to move into some form of meditation that gives them clarity and awareness of how they have created this reality. They must learn to be responsible and move consciously and consistently out of the negative mind and into no-mind. You may see some “Two/Elevens” who believe that they are positive, yet they are in a very negative inner state of denial. This is a challenge because often they are trying to move into positive mind but something inside them is blocking, sabotaging, and pulling them under. Sometimes you see “Two/Elevens” who have lost everything financially and make a huge adjustment and get back to a simpler way of being and finding happiness in not needing to strive after money and glory. Others will be living in a fantasy believing they are going to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes or the lottery. They keep putting good money after bad and cannot seem to get out of the hole.


Find Your Destiny Number Below

Destiny Number 1

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 1

These people have an aging process that is humble and simple. They are kind and unpretentious. The Destiny of 1 can mean that they must admit that they don’t understand the sequence of their life and they must surrender to a greater power. They must let go of control and allow spirit to help and lift them. If they don’t break through, they can draw in great depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, and premature death. A Destiny of 1 can mean they are searching for the lesson of individuality. They are learning to stand alone, to think openly and freely. They must make their own decisions. They are graceful in the process of life and death. They can choose to move the Destiny of 1 to a position of a 10. This can make them more powerful as they age. If the 1 moves to a 10 then they are more outspoken and vibrant the older they get. They can also become strong-willed and dominating as the 10. As a 1/10 goes into the death process they can creates dramatic health crises and refuse to go quietly and gently. Depending on if they are utilizing the one energy or the ten energy. Coming from the 10, they can stir unresolved family dynamics to the surface and those issues will need to be addressed in order for the family to heal.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 1

These are people who feel humiliated by life and become more shy and withdrawn as they age. Destiny of 1s can fall into depression and, if not treated, can become suicidal. If they have not found power through simplicity, they can try to make a statement in death. Sometimes this pattern can cause someone to die quickly and alone.

Destiny Number 2

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 2

Depending on how this number adds up, it can be a two or an eleven. (I always try to empower the person to turn this into an eleven. It is much more uplifting and fun.) A true Destiny of 2 is created by the total birthday added together to become 20. Almost everything else is actually an eleven. But Destiny of 2s can become very negative and critical about the hand the universe has dealt them in this lifetime. Especially as they become older. They can have a very judgmental, opinionated, and narrow view of the world. The challenge for these people is to understand the world is not going to go their way and to open their minds instead of closing down and hiding from reality. Often these people can have great losses as they age, like loosing a business or going bankrupt. If they don’t learn to surrender and let go, they can become angry, demanding, elderly people. This is the Destiny Number of those who are learning to associate with others. They must cultivate patience, diligence, cooperation, observation, tact, loyalty, and the ability to follow the lead of others.

The positive aspects of a Destiny Number 2 actually are more like an 11. They have let go of the need to be right and allowed possibilities to create new dreams and visions for the future. They have turned past challenges into lessons that now assist them in overcoming present obstacles. They look at the future without gloom and doom and see it as a possibility for growth and change. To them life is about learning through their mistakes and then sharing those truths with others. They choose to lead the way with vision and truth. They are interesting to talk to philosophically as they have embodied their wisdom through hardship and experience. The most positive way to work with a Destiny of 2 is to be consistent with meditation and deep inner spiritual practices to overcome the potential negative and critical aspects of the Destiny of 2. Through personal growth experiences the negativity of the two transforms becoming a Destiny of 11.

Negative Aspects of Destiny Number 2

If they are not careful they can have financial reversals and a critical attitude towards others. They can be difficult to stay with. They can be blaming and unforgiving if they are not willing to let go of past problems that have plagued their life. They can get caught in reliving the past because the present (in old age) is not pleasant. They must learn not to create conflict in their family and relationships. If they do then they will have difficult health problems as a way for the universe to teach them to see love and joy through hardship and difficulty.


Destiny Number 3

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 3

The older these people grow, the happier and more joyous they become. They look back upon their life with humor and light. They are willing to do the entire life over again, problems and all. They feel financially solvent and are comfortable in what they have created. They often live in nice homes and love to share stories of their challenges and successes. They often live a long time. Three is the destiny of sociability. They are learning to cultivate self- expression, creativity, and social contacts.

They are warm-hearted, generous, fair, and trustworthy. They are secure financially as they age. They often die quietly in their sleep, as the work they needed to do was done throughout life. It does not need to be done in the death process. Their life is like a roller coaster they have had great wins and great losses. But they learned from their mistakes and ultimately succeeded.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 3

If they have not learned the lesson of the Destiny of 3 then their life will be chaotic and out of control. They will force a smile and attempt to cover up the problems when they should be changing and trying new ways of being. They will feel caught up in a roller coaster life that runs them rather than a life they enjoy.

This is a very good Destiny Number to have in the category of money and personal power as they age. But because they have the money and power, they often end up with friends who betray them. They have great strains and pressure on them. They are outspoken and perfectionists. This can cause failures in love and relationships when they are younger, because their focus is on money and work. Some people judge them as being selfish and boastful. But actually this is not true.


Destiny Number 4

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 3

The Destiny of 4 is the destiny of discontentment. It means they are searching for perfect balance, neutrality, and inner peace. Needless to say the world is not neutral, so this can be a point of discontentment. They have to learn that peace is an internal state of well being, not external circumstances.

The four is the destiny of attainment through hard work. Their lesson is to find ways to create balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the aging process. Often they calm down when they get past the age of forty. These people want to create harmony and balance in the aging process.

They will often act as a counselor/mediator for others. People will come to them asking for advice and they are fair and balanced in how they offer it. Their communication skills improve as they age and they avoid chaotic people and situations. They search for consciousness and inner clarity. They can live to be very old if they have come to terms with themselves and their life choices. Those with this Destiny Number must cultivate patience, dependability, and willing service.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 4

They can be somewhat of a rescuer and feel as if they need to take care of others, and then forget to take care of themselves. They resist change and can get stuck in ruts that appear neutral only because they are familiar. They cannot feel at peace and refuse to communicate their feelings with others.


Destiny Number 5

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 5

Five is the destiny of frequent change. This is a number with tremendous physical stamina and energy. People with this number must cultivate adaptability and learn responsibility and the proper use of energy. It is very important for them to eat right, exercise, and have regular checkups.

They can get rid of health risks by learning about their shadow self and to recognize what pain they have caused others. These people seem wonderful on the outside, but inside something has been eating at them. Usually the physical body will be their undoing, but the learning experience as they age can be transformative for their soul.

It often feels as if others can make mistakes but a Destiny of 5 cannot. This is because their energy has great consequence for others if they lead them wrong. They are required by the universe to keep true to the core truths of life. If they do, then things will be somewhat easier. But this destiny number never feels as if it is having an easy time. They work hard at staying healthy. They often exercise regularly and eat conscientiously. It is common to see them even in old age getting massage, acupuncture, and going to healers of all sorts. They can live to be old if they are conscious of their body and what it needs throughout their life. They are prone to genetic health problems. A Destiny of 5 can have tremendous physical health challenges to overcome as they age. Often they must radically change their diet and emotional behaviors in order to cope.

This destiny number indicates those whose destiny it is to be a Wounded/Healer/Teacher. This can be a challenge because the pathway to being a good healer with this number is by learning through his or her own problems and obstacles. They are going to go through many of their own symbolic and metaphorical “wounding” in order to transcend suffering and become a healer and teacher.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 5

Destiny of 5s are prone to major health problems as they age. They can die of drug overdoses and addiction problems. Other negative aspects are weight problems and associated health risks. They can live a long time but they experience a slow decline in health the older they get. The genetic problems will tend to show up eventually as they age. The lesson is to learn to take responsibility for their health and to do what is necessary to maintain.


Destiny Number 6

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 6

Destiny of 6s must learn to adjust to inharmonious conditions; they must take on the burdens of others while maintaining their own values and ideals; they must learn to serve others cheerfully without withdrawing from society. Destiny of 6s have long lives and just keep going no matter what problems arise. Often these people will outlive their spouses. The older they get the more private they become. As they age they feel alone, even if they are not alone. They take a good long look at themselves and finally learn to accept and see the pure intent within. They are seen as purists in some way, whether it is as power purists or spiritual purists. They create a great impact and become more centered, pure of heart, and softer as they age. This does not mean that they don’t have health problems but this means that they don’t usually die from them. Destiny of 6s can have heart problems in their fifties, change their diet, then live to be ninety. They can get colon cancer, go through the treatments the doctor’s recommend and live to be ninety. It is important for them to know this and plan accordingly.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 6

This position can cause a sense of abandonment and hopelessness. They feel more withdrawn from reality and move inward and back into the past glories of their life. They can become reclusive and disconnect from society. It is often hard to get them out of the house or take a vacation. They may feel abandoned and alone when they die.


Destiny Number 7

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 7

Destiny of 7s learn how to develop mental powers through study and meditation. They search for the deeper meaning of life and want to become an expert in the field they choose. Their destiny is to try to break the old molds. They assault our senses with their strong beliefs and can either open us or destroy our feelings of safety. Destiny of 7s need to watch out for rigidity in body, mind, and soul. They need to remember to stay flexible and open and not allow external restrictions to become internal restrictions. In the positive this position can create an aging process that is well thought out and planned. So even when they experience restriction they are content, safe, and happy because of the detail to which they have lined everything up.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 7

Again discipline is critical to the well being of this person. They have to be careful not to zone out with drugs and ideas. If they do, they may lose control of their life in some way.

They may experience health problems that restrict movement as they age such as; Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Sometimes this translates as rigid beliefs in religion or moralistic perception. Destiny of 7s need to be careful not to create ultimatums for others as a way to keep control and power.


Destiny Number 8

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 8

These people want to return to the natural order of life. They want to own land and have space around them as they age. They seek quiet and solitude. They can become somewhat cloistered as they age. Ultimately they would rather be alone with their family.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 8

In the negative, their aging process restricts breathing and joy. Often these people are prone to weakness in the lungs and respiratory system. The journey feels emotionally frightening and unresolved grief and loss finally emerge into their awareness. They are forced to deal with the pain that they have been avoiding. They can be frightened of being alone and want to stay young. As they age, they become harsher and sadder, which is visible on their face.


Destiny Number 9

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 9

Nine is the destiny of completion and emotional/mystical expression. The lesson is to serve others, spiritually and emotionally. They are learning to love mankind, abandon prejudices, and place others before themselves. They become more spiritual, mystical, and emotional the older they get. They strive for more inner solitude and compassion for others. They often start new creative projects, as they get older. Writing is very helpful and they can become good at it with a little practice. That is because they understand the depth of emotion within human nature. These people become very interested in the occult and meditation. They want to know, why they know what they know and when they know it. Their spirit softens and they allow their emotions to be seen more. They are more sensitive to criticism and can be easily hurt and easily wounded. They do not like being embarrassed and so those in the family may notice that they do not want people to come to hospitals and see them in a weak position.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 9

These people have a hard time changing their behavior, as there are deep unresolved personal issues that are the basis for their emotional outbursts. They sometimes do not realize how difficult they are to deal with as the emotions they have stuffed inwardly now start to seep outward. They can become more depressed and out of balance as they age. They can be overly emotional and require a lot of extra energy and support. They can be prone to dementia or memory problems. They do not like external stresses as they have trouble thinking things through. They can blame others and be extremely negative and angry about the hand life dealt them.


Destiny Number 10

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 10

These people are larger than life. Others respect them and want to be around them. They have had great success and can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors as they age. They are always invited to social occasions and are the life of the party. They try to make a timeless impression in the world they are living. They take aging as a maturing process in their life. They are often better the older they get.

Note: If they are not successful as they age, they can become quite depressed, and that can cause the ten to revert back to a one. Meaning, that then, they can learn the lesson of humility. This can pull the person back down and cause great depression and premature death if they get stuck in the one.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 10

These people often live a long time and can get demanding and opinionated as they age. They are often surprised by the power and influence they have, as inside they are deeply insecure and know their own problems and mistakes. If the person is not successful as they age, they can become quite depressed, and that can cause the ten to revert back to a one. Meaning, that then, they can be learning the lesson of humility. This can pull the person back down and cause great depression and premature death if they get stuck in the one. If Destiny of 10s are drug addicted, alcoholics, or depressed, they can be prone to suicide and violent deaths.


Destiny Number 11

Positive Aspects of the Destiny Number 11

The Destiny of 11 is called a Mastery Destiny. This sounds wonderful to have and it is magnificent when it is utilized properly. The challenge is that it is a tremendous amount of energy with which to deal and this energy is constantly changing its mind and perspective. Learning how to ground this huge expanded life force is important for anyone who has it. They are somewhat like a Raku pot. Raku pottery is a form of Japanese pottery that has a fractured glaze. This glaze reflects the light in beautiful patterns but is delicate and breakable, much like Destiny of Eleven people. They are like something you put on the table as a centerpiece and marvel at its beauty. They are glorious and delicate all at the same time. They can have challenges in addictive behaviors such as: drinking, drugs, escapism, and avoidance. Yet, when they are ‘on’, they are unique and unforgettable. The light that shines from within them is noticeable to everyone. This person is a contradiction in terms. They are bright and amazing to speak with; they can give the most memorable performance; and they can inspire you to greatness. But they are often pulled under by their manic behavior and need for constant movement and change. They will have moments of extreme clarity but in the next moment they can get lost and have trouble finding their way back to reality. Grounding is essential for effective movement of this energy; even the highest form of Eleven will have had great challenges and somehow managed to pull all those experiences into wisdom and clarity. The high Eleven will be interesting to speak with philosophically and will be taking higher principals into their day-to-day life. The Destiny of 11 loves to travel and see the world as they age. They become more adventurous and playful if they find the way o balance all this powerful energy.

This eleven can turn into a Destiny of 2. Often you will see people with the eleven do aspects of the eleven and when they are having a bad day revert to the two. They can be cranky and difficult to deal with. The eleven is a mastery number and it is important to support them in going for their dream. If they don’t get there they will have to do the whole life over again. They must find the vision and go for it. Eleven is the destiny of inspiration. This number has a great deal of tension and power. If the person does not cope well with the 11, it becomes a 2. Ideally they must explore mysticism, trust their intuition and inner vision, have faith, live humbly in the limelight, and inspire others.

Negative Aspects of the Destiny Number 11

The Destiny of 11 when it is pulled into a negative position can be like Edgar Allen Poe with his deep dark addiction and miserable death process. If the manic behavior of the 11 is not put in check then they fall deeper and deeper into illusion as they are unable to cope with the reality in which they find themselves. This type of 11 has actually moved into the 2 and has become the negative mind where life seems hopeless and miserable.

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