November 19, 2019


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1December Intuitive Patterns 2019


Osho Zen Tarot:  Schizophrenia, The Source, Sorrow
Medicine Cards: Grouse, Ant, Hummingbird
Mayan Oracle: Dissonance, Adventurer’s Quest, Complex Stability
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Ten of Swords, The Hierophant
Aleister Crowley Deck: Abundance, Dominion, Princess of Wands
Healing Earth Tarot: Man of Shields, Ace of Crystals, Ten of Feathers
Words of Truth: Sacred Fun, Brilliance, Pushing, Domain Shift

The astrology theme for December 2019 is; “Well there is a whole lot of Capricorn going on.” With Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and change), Saturn (the planet of hard work and struggle, the lord of karma, and trials and tribulations), Jupiter (the planet of expansion, money, love and abundance), and Venus (the planet of love, beauty, harmony and negotiation) all in the melancholic, dark, cold, bitter, dry, sign of Capricorn, expect a good swift kick in the butt to all things that have been tragically stuck and frozen in the places where humanity fears change.

Jupiter is the largest planet and he is ready, willing, and able, to force that entrenched dragon that is hiding all the gold, keeping it to himself, and unwilling to share, out of the castle’s dungeon and into the light.
As that begins to happen on December 2/3, that there is going to be one very pissed off dragon.

Clearly this is a metaphor for all the drama as we move towards the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020. Things have been astrologically frozen in winter for a long time and while the slow planets are not in any hurry to move, Jupiter is a fiery source of energy that is going to melt those glaciers (just like they are for real in this world) and the ice is going to move much more rapidly down the slope. Instead of moving at 1 yard a year, that ice is going to move 1 mile a year. And such rapid change can cause huge amounts of destruction if not prepared for in advance.
Jupiter is not super happy in Capricorn and it feels a bit displaced. Similar to a woman dressed in leather, with spiked purple hair, torn hose, and Goth boots walking into a country club setting where appropriate dress is essential.
Jupiter in this position has the agenda to shake up the establishment and to shatter the norms and shock those with sophisticated tastes right out of their comfort zone. Plan on getting hit over the next few weeks and months, as that old school control is going to shatter into a million pieces by those Goth boots.

While you may not see all that unraveling happening exclusively in December. Know that by next December 2020, you will be remembering my words.
Venus the planet of what we love and value is going to be right between the two “bad boys” of the zodiac, Pluto and Saturn. Foundations that have had cracks growing and expanding for a long time are going to crumble and turn to quicksand. Venus will go into the friendly sign of Aquarius on the 20th, and that should help the holidays out because Venus in Aquarius loves to mingle and do the “meet and greet”.
But we can’t forget the eclipse in Capricorn on …… Wait for it ….. Christmas Day! It is going to be an intense holiday season. My suggestion is to keep it short and sweet. Hanging out too long will make all those issues that are still unresolved too obvious and uncomfortable.
And then there is Winter Solstice on December 21st, where finally it will stop getting darker and begin to turn lighter. The month wants to end on something positive but know that Neptune in Pisces can take you too far out of this reality and into illusion at just the wrong time if you let it.
January 2020 is no joke and everyone has to be ready.

Stepping out of the astrology and taking a look at the cards we discover that we are continuing the back and forth of emotional intensity and the drama does not let up.
The way through is to be your own source and connection to higher law and order because we are not in one world but two worlds that are pulling and pushing each other further apart.
I hear everyone saying that we need to come together but in reality two (very different) worlds are continuing to break apart. And that needs to be felt and honored. We each need to feel the pain, sorrow, and suffering that is being inflicted upon so many life forms at this time. We actually need to be in pain in order to change and do things differently.
The word that stands out this month is “Dissonance”. When you create sounds that are disharmonious and unsuitable, the tension and clashing of those sounds can be so uncomfortable as to make one unconscious and pass out. There is so much emotion that is playing out loudly in our world that some people and life forms are collapsing under the strain of attempting to make sense out of senselessness.
Some things will never come into alignment. And that is just the truth. So the continued forceful application of opinions as facts, will just manifest more suffering.
The “thought universe” is attempting to control the physical world. But that is not realistic. The only choice is to confront confusion either in yourself or your world.
There is a way to harness chaos and spin it in productive ways. But spinning thoughts is never going to get you anywhere other than lost and dazed. You can spin the physical world into ways that are organically constructive. When you do that, the chaos finds its own order and begins to align with a natural balance.
The Ant reminds you that patience is the way through. And patience is natural when you are prepared. If you are even slightly prepared, you worry less when things hit hard. You have some wiggle room to work with. Then life is less scary.
Everything in the cards are reminding us this month to move. The best way to integrate huge waves of emotional energy are through dance, movement, spirals, exercise, etc. If you refuse to move with the spin of the physical world, then the spin wreaks havoc on your mind and thoughts. If you are on a sacred path, your vision is clear. If you are sidetracked by the confusing mental projections of others, you will tend to fall into the unresolved issues of your past.
We are witnessing huge violations of great principles of life. This is a form of desecration. There has been a violent disrespect for life itself and the consequences of that are painfully obvious.
I suggest doing something as a family to counteract that fact. I personally am planting trees on my property. Five trees for every member of my extended family. I am planting five more as I write this article in November. I need to actively do something to help this world. I hope you want to do something also.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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