January 11, 2020


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Osho Zen Tarot:  Clinging to the Past, Maturity, Celebration
Medicine Cards: Buffalo, Butterfly
Mayan Oracle: Universal Movement, Harmonic Resonance, Organic Balance
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Disks, The World, Six of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: Ace of Cups, The Fool, Princess of Swords
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandfather of Feathers, Three of Feathers, Two of Feathers
Words of Truth: Immortality, Expansion,  Dullness, Inappropriate Time

On January 25th, we had the beginning of the new Chinese Calendar year and entered into the Year of the Metal Rat. That is significant to me personally because the last time we were in the Metal Rat was the year 1960. That was the year I was born.
The Metal Rat Year says that we need the intelligence of a Rat to navigate extreme times.
So this moment, is a full circle into the energies that motivated the iconic 1960’s. It is important to note that we entered into the Vietnam War at that time.
This year will be a time of transformation, change and bizarre contrasts. In the 1960’s it was a time of flower children, assassins, idealism and alienation, rebellion and backlash. It brought the rise of acts of defiance that began the Civil Rights Movement. The youth of the time staged “sit ins” and actively created a growing sense of rebellion because of the restrictions of freedoms that they believed were their birthright.
I find those same feelings and emotions bubbling up from the young people once again. There is a new generation that intends to be a force for good. And they are actively choosing to confront the evil that lives in the souls of men, governments, and institutions.
The Metal element in the Metal Rat represents a type of tenacity that reminds us to become self-reliant. In this case, self-reliance in power and progress. Metal is about caring for others in a respectful way. While metal energy can be reserved … when pushed it is very forceful and unyielding when it is fully awakened. This year is asking each of us to find our backbone and let that confidence and determination chart the course forward.
The force that actively awakens the full power of a Metal Rat is Grief. So I expect terrible things to catapult humanity past the stagnant present state of affairs into persistent and unyielding courage.
This should prove a very interesting year.
This month, the Grandfather of Feathers is attempting to heal a global illness that has taken over. To do that each of us is going to have to be able to see into the darkness. The darkness of those that do not have the intention to help others and the darkness within us.
Illness, hardships, suffering, and conflict are related to this darkness that is infecting the world and spreading toxins into critical systems that confuse the immune system because the toxins hide inside those parts and things that were once good and honorable. The toxic hate in this world is intended to generate chaos and promote self-destructive habits that are intended to distract from the root cause of the illness. The intentions of such infections are to tear down structures or organisms.
We cannot allow that to happen.
That is why the Grandfather of Feathers is reminding us that he is connected to Owl medicine. Those with Owl Medicine can go into the darkness and seek out the truth. This card says you must go on a personal journey to discover what has caused such horrible confusion.
When you stray off the path of your divine self, the universe creates such moments as a sign that you are following a path that does not lead to the truth.
It gets you to notice where you are frozen and trapped below a layer of ice that your ego manifested to keep you from the clarity you seek.
Past, present, and future are not tenses of time, but tenses of the mind. The past is no longer before the mind and the nostalgia makes the mind long for that which seems lost.
The present is slipping out of sight and a person fears the loss of what is in this moment.
The future may or may not be in your hands. But clinging to what has not yet happened makes you miserable because you do not yet have it nor do you know for certain if that dream is even possible.
Everyone is being called to recognize and step into a new place of maturity. That maturity is a reflection of your intrinsic Buddha nature.
Everyone and everything is standing in his/her/or its Buddha nature right now. Often, you just do not recognize that your beauty is a constant reflection of your Buddha nature. And yet, Buddha nature and beauty are constantly changing. Nothing every stays the same.
Can you see where cleverness is actually a type of disease when it is not in alignment with higher truths?
Everything this month is about finding and maintaining a type of balance where a little foolishness combined with a little wisdom might be perfect.

The Butterfly teaches us that change requires a type of courage. When the world outside does not match the inside values then it is time to change the world in a way that aligns with truth and the values of your life. You are a part of that change but you will have to step up and step in to make that happen.
There is a new world that is calling out to you and that will require you to find out that while darkness can collapse things quickly, such things feed on greed and end up with nothing of substance to sustain them over long periods of time.
Buffalo reminds us that you cannot give or receive when your hands are in a fist ready to fight. External conflicts that manifest may not be exactly yours but you will have to find a way to come to peace with them regardless. Internal and external worlds have to find a place to work in harmony with each other.
We are being asked to make “Love more Visible than hate”. Not an easy assignment but one that is more essential than ever before in this conflicted world. While this world has shifted into a place where unexpected changes are the norm and unseen forces are at work above and below the surface, it is up to you to let the force of this energy give you the power to connect to your destiny. Openings are possible if you are willing to let go of your old reference points and allow that same destiny to actively move you into the new realms.
This month, some things will require you to look objectively at them in a dispassionate way in order to make a clear choice not based on fear or things from the past. Observe, respect, connect to, and find movement where it is offered. You may have to look hard and long to find those precious moments. Do not let any of them pass you by. Grab ahold and appreciate them when they show up. Do not let a drop of goodness go to waste.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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