Osho Zen Tarot:  The Creator, Sharing, Projections

Medicine Cards: Fox, Deer, Eagle

Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Muluc, Transformer

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Wands, The Tower, Two of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Victory, The Sun, Knight of Wands

Healing Earth Tarot: Nine of Shields, Woman of Rainbows, Emperor

Words of Truth: Abuse, Withdrawal, Freedom

With the coming of the Spring, many things shift and become more clear. There is a palpable feeling of calmness returning. A great relief for everyone. Stability returns in waves of relief as the vaccinations spread across the world bringing a feeling of a new potential for normalcy to emerge. While I don’t believe we are completely out of this pandemic till October, I do feel that the tide is turning and we have a moment where the heaviness lifts.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself and those you love on making it through this tremendously difficult time. Notice that there is more unity, and togetherness. A feeling of community has returned and that desire to share with others has become very important. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and it is supporting us in new ways.

The darkness is in withdrawal but it is not finished yet. The projections of others continue to distort reality for some and will still try to inhibit others ability to freely co-create this new reality emerging. They will not win under this astrology but that does not mean they will not try.

The astrology is now a blinding light, leading the way into the future. A path lies in front of us that can give us so much more than has ever been offered to humanity. It would be absurd to not grab as many as you can, and together go hand in hand onto that path.

Freedom does not come on a silver platter. Freedom comes from resisting those that consciously intend to harm, abuse, and tear down anything that is beautiful, pure, and alive.

This month, the Fox reminds us that many are watching in the shadows. Things are going on behind the scenes and it would be wise of us to learn stillness in such a profound way, that we can observe, watch, listen, and make sense out of many things swirling around us physically and energetically. Answers will come to those with the ability to be invisible and to those who are willing to wait for the right moment in time.

The Deer reminds us that gentleness is not weakness. It is the reminder that you need to be gentle with yourself this month. And that it is gentleness that will dispel the fear still lurking in the psyche of so many. Deer reminds us that fear is the demon blocking our pathway to the truth.

And the Eagle, calls to your spirit that knows freedom and knows that freedom requires effort.
I have not seen this card in over 4 years of doing readings. I had begun to think that this card was missing from the deck. But finally it has soared into our cards this month and to say that I was elated is an understatement.

The Eagle tells us to look up and gather up our courage because an opportunity is arriving as a spiritual test. He tells us that it is through loving your shadow as much as your light that you find true freedom.
Your higher mind is calling out to your heart. It is essential that they become unified in a dance of compassionate light.

This month begins a celebration of life. The ground is warming; the energy is rising up from the earth to awaken our world once again.
Let that energy infuse you with hope, light, and love.
Have a wonderful spring.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Towers have been built as symbols of power and might.
Towers have been built to invoke terror and fright.
Towers have been built to enslave and subjugate.
Towers have been built to taunt and intimidate.

Such towers always come crashing down.
It matters not if they held power or renown.
Such places hold darkness and fear.

No matter how opulent the veneer.

We are in a time when the towers of nature call.
Hear them above the sounds of man’s towers that fall.
We now see that what we used to think was great.
Pales in comparison to natures template.

We see the arrogance of humanities lie.
As our fear has polluted the water, land, and sky.
We are small as long as we listen to ego’s call.
We become great when we tear down the Tower’s wall.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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