December 7, 2014

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo from Dec 8, 2014-April 8, 2015

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: December 7, 2014Categories: Astrology/Numerology


Just a reminder to everyone that Jupiter goes retrograde tomorrow and will be creating a stalling effect till April 8, 2015. When Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance goes the wrong way that feeling that everything is smoothly running forward suddenly takes a bit more effort to make happen. This is where you separate the men from the boys or the women from the girls. When things get harder it is only the most focused and determined that weather the challenges and keep on keeping on. Just because you have a great idea does not mean that things will be easy. I find that a Jupiter retrograde at the holidays can put a damper on the mood. Don’t let it! These things are just cycles and as such they too shall pass. Your dream is still viable regardless of whether the feeling is not as strong or if others are not as forthcoming as before. Sort out the problems and find the way through. There is always a path. You are not stuck you are just once again, redefining what this dream is going to look like. When a planet goes retrograde it is attempting to build strength in order to act. So it will tell you that you need to work a bit more in order to move spiritually and abundantly to the next level. We do not yet have all the tools necessary to achieve our goal. But those pieces will begin to present themselves under this aspect. A retrograde movement can make the pieces that you are seeking more internal and tricky to manifest in your external environment. Jupiter internally represents hop, optimism, faith, discernment and meaning. Externally Jupiter represents money, the law, advisers, and children. You will be reassessing what brings meaning into your life. You are learning to transform impulse into something more meaningful.

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