Astrology Predictions for 2021 – Part 2 – By Suzanne Wagner

 Astrology Predictions for 2021 – Part 2 


When we look at this year as a whole you will see the slow and steady progress influenced by all the Air moving into the charts. While that feels wonderful and uplifting, it will also catalyze massive changes that can be difficult to adjust too.

Saturn will stay in Aquarius the next two and a half years approximately. There is much work (Saturn) to do in the areas of progress (Aquarius) that have been left behind. We are in a quite desperate place where we must return to places where we care for this earth so the earth will be able to care for us.

Jupiter plans on doing a bit of a song and dance as it moves rapidly through Aquarius until the 14th of May, 2021. That is when it moves into Pisces. It starts to back up on the 20th of June and will go back into Aquarius on 29th of July. It will remain there till December 30th at which point it will go back into Pisces.

While Aquarius is the humanitarian and opens us to feel into the needs of others, Jupiter in Pisces says that it is time for healing on many levels. Humbleness, manners, and having the means to serve, help, and aid .. come into the forefront. Expect art to flourish, funding to be restored to the non-profits, and aid to come to those that help keep our hopes alive with music and art, and Meals on Wheels to get what it deserves.
But Jupiter is not a passive planet. It is after all, Zeus – the lightening god in Greece. I expect those that carry ideas that are distasteful and undesirable to get called out in massive ways. The lightning bolts of Zeus are going to be hitting obvious targets in a volley that will be an amazing light show if you are at a distance. You don’t want to be near any of those karmic targets.
I believe the hard fist of legal endeavors will press down on those that have been playing games of corruption and greed.

Jupiter in Pisces will make each of us more thin-skinned and sensitive to the external unraveling that is bound to happen in 2021. Learn some protection skills and step away from the news when it is overwhelming and unhelpful.

Those that have been harmed and lacking the most will find that they are put in a better position and given more respect and support than they have been offered in the last 4 years.
While Uranus continues in the grounding, comfort driven sign of Taurus, expect there to be those that do not want to make the massive changes that are going to be required over the next 6 years. Those that hold the dreams of a new and better society will want to take radical ideas and approaches. But if we are to find a way to come together we will have to recognize that small consistent steps will not be blocked by those still clinging to the past ways. If we try to do massive big changes the explosion of resistance may startle those same dreamers.
Be warned the Inauguration Day is going to be one for the record books. Expect unprecedented problems as many square off literally as the planets do the same. There will be those who intend to create smoke bombs to confuse and conflate  in this era of transition. Some refuse to “go quietly into the night”.
There are those that want to feel the nebulousness of this event to further support the belief in an unfair election.

The only way to play the first quarter of 2021 is to be patient, trust the universal flow, know that the time of Aquarius has arrived and those that don’t want it to be true will have to bend the knee to this new reality that cannot and will not be stopped.

If there is a theme this year it is “Accountability and Consequence”.

Take time to look inward at what you need to be accountable for and let the long arm of karma deal with the political figures. You do not need to involve yourself in the twists and convulsions of those dying because of the knife they pushed into their own stomachs.

In March, we may begin to feel the lightening of the Covid load that we have all been carrying. It begins to feel as if the train is finally grasping those slippery rails and movement is becoming constructive.

On April 1st (April Fool’s Day), I would do something symbolic to release the toxicity and foolishness of 2020 and embrace a new self, a new intention, and a new way of being. Because by the 11th of April that change is in full swing.
When Jupiter goes into Pisces on May 13th, life begins to feel like something we can relax into and rest. It is positive and the feelings of creative sensuality are strong through July 28th. It will feel as if all that insanity in the news calms down on a political front and there will seem to be a healthier and more humble connection to each other and our family.

While there is a feeling that we are at the beginning of the end of the Covid Pandemic, I don’t think we can fully get out of this till the last quarter of the year. We need Saturn and Pluto to end their retrograde and begin to move us out of this pattern and into a more healthy and happy place.

Innovation and Problem Solving are high on the list and there is a beautiful opening on the Full Moon in Aries on October 20th. You have a sense of confidence that you have not felt in a long time and it is a relief to your soul. October feels like you are finally being liberated from a prison. You are finally free to step into a new place and one that is all about healing. There will be a lot of education required for us to fully rebuild our sense of trust in our world but it will seem not fully possible and the resistance diminishes.

I expect to see many that want to continue their dance of denial around the virus and the vaccine, but it will seem more and more ridiculous to the large majority of humanity. Those that need to generate problems will try to play those games of the last 4 years but they will now gain no footing and seem more and more out of touch with the truth and appear childish and absurd. Do not expect things to go back to what you remember. There is no going back from this point on. Forward is the only way and that fast pace will continue to challenge us and increase its tempo through 2022.

2021 is still a global dance of division and uncertainty. Polarity will continue to plague all of us. The anger is still right at the surface and will explode in various ways. Financially everyone is going to be working harder than ever before.

We live in a world that was destroyed from the inside out. The buildings thought to be sturdy and secure have buckled under the pressure and so now we have to not only rebuild but we have to take out a lot of garbage and wreckage, both politically and environmentally.

We are the phoenix that must rise from the ashes and become that ancient “FireBird” that ignites a powerful transformation that changes the very core of our being. We have walked through the fire and it has changed us. We have burned away the toxic karma of generations together. We have become the solution that we were seeking. We are the answer to the problem. And we are here to take each other’s ashen hands in love and friendship.

No one was spared in this shift. No one is the same. Everyone can see more clearly. And we get to celebrate that reunification of our soul to what really matters in 2021.
~Suzanne Wagner~




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