November 3, 2015

November Astrological Transits for 2015


November 2015 Transits

November is all about the new portals that we are stepping into. There is a lot of change and there are many powerful energies that are going to take us completely out of the old and into the new.

At the beginning of the month we have a Mars/Venus Conjunction, which is like great sex! It is a merging of opposites and it creates a new life. It is a union of the masculine and feminine within us. And it is in Virgo (the sign of the harvest) so it wants new routines, new patterns, new jobs, but we are not really sure about where we are going.

It is time to reveal a new plan but there is a lack of clarity of direction. November is going to create a deeper understanding of what you want in your life. With this energy you could pretty much go anywhere. There is a new faith and belief that just leaping is sometimes the best way. There is an urge to leap into anything new. All the fragmented pieces of your life are calling for you to merge and come together in a new way. And there is a feeling that knowing everything is no longer that essential. It might just be okay to not know what is happening and where you are going.

Mercury spent 2 months in Libra and so now in November, for the first 20 days of the month, the energy is going to be about revealing new information (Scorpio), which will force you to figure out where you need to go.

November 2nd, Mercury goes into Scorpio You might feel overloaded with information and you want to know where you are to go, how it is supposed to look, but it feels a bit scary just like a storm approaching and you hear the lightening and thunder getting closer and closer and you want to find a safe haven. You want to find the right thing, the right energy, and the right spot. But it is going to be a bit of a jumble at first.

Mercury acts like a detective in Scorpio and so you are going to be roto-rooting into the depths to discover the hidden answers you seek. It may make you feel as if you are not very intuitive because you need to have clarity on things that are buried in the darkness. You can feel them but you cannot make out in the shadows what they are exactly, you will only know that there is something out there in the darkness lurking. But just like being in murky water, when you see it… wow are you going to see it! And the clarity will be shocking, extreme, and powerful.

Jupiter is Opposing Chiron which means there is going to be a big battle between the biggest planet in the sky and the asteroid Chiron which is always a bit of a wild card in the game. Chiron is the wounded, healer, teacher, and this is going to pull you into really looking at some of your old wounds and patterns of behavior that you have created around them. At the very least it is going to add some excitement into the mix. But you are going to have to let those old patterns and behaviors go. The lesson is that you no longer need to identify yourself with your wounds. You can identify yourself with your real essence instead.

Venus goes into Libra on Nov 8th, Thank God, because Venus has put all of our relationships into a bit of a challenging aspect. And finally with Venus coming home, there is a mood shift and the feelings of love and respect come back into a more congruent place. There is a lot of energy right now focusing on seeding new energy in relationships.

The New Moon is in Scorpio on November 11th and that is going to be very powerful. Mars is entering Libra on November 12th and this is a position where it is not at its best and so it is a bit encumbered. Mars is going to also be at the 29th degree of Virgo, which is an intense position. Things are going to an extreme and there are going to be a lot of edges.

So many of you will be asking “Where are we going?” There is a desire to know but not being able to figure out why it is happening. Ride the wave because it is going to take you to a new place that you never believed that you could reach. This is a powerful healing month but you have no choice but to go with the flow. Nothing is going to manifest as you think so let the ideas just flow and discover your own uncharted world.

November 18th, Neptune is finally going direct after months of being stationed at 7 degrees and this is a big deal to finally get this planet of emotion moving and turn our intuition back on but it will also create a bit of confusion. The Saturn Squaring is adding to the storm brewing. And we are in Scorpio so there is a lot of water and this will feel like you are in an extreme experience and there is no way to keep a straight line in a storm of water that is this size. Nothing is going to feel aligned. All the directions are skewed. Life is going to take us on an emotionally competitive ride. So be ready.

Mercury goes into Sagittarius on November 20th and it is also not in its happy place but that is forcing us to get out minds to expand in new ways.

Then we finally get to the Sun entering Sagittarius on Nov 22nd, which is another big shift but the big stuff is the Full Moon in Gemini on November 25th, squaring Neptune and then to add to that the Saturn Square Neptune the following day.

This is supposed to be a very transformational and positive month but it is a blockbuster month. There is nothing small happening anywhere.

2015 has been a very heavy planetary year and even though November looks like it also, there are so many clarifications manifesting that you just might finally get what you are looking for.

The biggest aspect is the Saturn Square Neptune at the end of the month. And that is a hum-dinger (as we say in the south). Think of it as big power shifts happening. Those shifts need to happen and when two worlds collide just like two fronts of air meet, instantly there is lightening and thunder. There is a collision of the old world and the new world and the new world is going to loudly take over.

Saturn is the God of Time or the Timekeeper of the Universe. Neptune is the planet that dissolves things and exists in the spaces in-between time. This month may feel like you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where anything is going, and you feel lost. This is going to be a moment where time and space come together. But you will not feel like you have a lot of control. You are going to feel like you are in the ocean. Things are wet. You are in a very different world and the rules of this world are unfamiliar. It can be scary but also expansive. You have to dissolve your old reality before a new one can be formed. You have to look at the building blocks of your life as you dismantle them to understand the new principal that is going to be the base of your new life.

Most of us right now are feeling very confused because we are discovering that we are in a world different than we expected. This entire month is a build up to this Saturn Square Neptune and we need the build up because the information is so vast to figure out how to explain it would be impossible. It is much easier to experience it step by step to a cumulative awakening of clarity that will make sense once you are there but as you are getting there you are going to wonder what the hell the universe is trying to say. You want certainty but you are going to feel as if you are in a space with no gravity and you cannot figure out where the ground is.

It is going to be obvious if you want to stay in a situation or if you want to get away from a particular pattern.

Everyone wants a deep love, a place where someone can take you to a place that you have not yet gone. These aspects put a lot of emphasis on intimacy and passion. There is a craving for something different and intense.

On the 12th and 13th of November the Nodes go fully into Virgo. These are days where you will feel as if your life is a confusing space emotionally and spiritually. This is switching things into Virgo and Pisces but you have to let go of sensitivities that you have used to escape an old feeling. Your access portal in and out of the universe is going to change drastically this month and there is going to be a major shift in the reality.

So much is possible if you stay in the place of love. Love is going to burn away all your distortion. You are here to burn bright. You are here to be out of control this month and you have to just let the universe and the water carry you away into a place that will feed your soul. This new journey and the people that show up are here to heal us and to help us build the new life that we are creating. You will find a new order but it is about allowing the magical, mystical, and beautiful parts of yourself to come into that place of hope.

Let the storms of November clear the air and bring a fresh face to your life. All you have to do is to learn that you can surrender the control to find something amazing.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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