November Astrology for 2020

November 2020 Astrology

The first two weeks in November are influenced by the New Moon in Libra last month that continues to echo into this month.
Add to that the Mercury Retrograde that finishes up on November 3, Election Day. Fortunately Mercury ends its retrograde around Noon and because of that …. the results may not be as questionable as the last time this happened in the Bush/Gore election. Expect a few recounts regardless. This shift will allow everyone to finally regain some mental equilibrium — and that’s always a relief!

What is clear is that the election will be contested by Trump regardless.
While the resolution of conflicts is our objective, there are many that don’t want any form of completion to happen. There are many that will stir the fires of hate and set off with the intention to tear down anything that looks like progress.

But the planet that will really make us feel like dancing again (when he turns direct this month) is Mars. Mars has also been retrograde in Aries since September 9 and will begin to move forward on November 13th. Over the last several weeks our goals will get recalibrated and support us in asserting our energy differently.
What is and isn’t worth pursuing is going to become clear. How we are going to proceed will have to be shifted considerably.
Now we get to put it all those questions into action.

Before November 3rd, Mars in Aries combined with Mercury retrograde promotes angry words. (Which should not be a surprise to anyone.)

On November 12, the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurs which can be directly tied to the Covid virus. I expect an explosion of Covid cases and various forms of lock down and a continued collapse of the Stock Market.
To some this may feel like a hard jolt.
Know that progress and achievement can be possible if our energy is channeled constructively.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 15 is all about an intense fresh start. It indicates that we will be ready to probe the depths and start a major inquiry to uncover a mystery or begin a new financial venture that requires savvy planning.
It is time to pursue a new level of intimacy with all our personal, business, and intimate partners based on a newfound willingness to be more vulnerable and to intend to trust.

There is a strong drive to improve circumstances for all and find the doorway to more global prosperity.
Success will no longer be defined in the traditional way because we are now on a path that is about bettering ourselves and our world, learning self-restraint, and being kind through listening and intentionally wanting to connect from our heart and soul.
Past negative reflections can give us insight into things that have been avoided or hidden from view.
This is a good time to pursue a passion, hobby, adventure, or a change in how we work.

Slowly but surely, we are going to gain confidence and figure out how to make more forward progression. Change finally seems possible. Things that we have felt were stalled now have the opportunity to change.
The journey to forgiveness is going to be a long and slow path.
Helping others and moving from a strong sense of purpose will help. There is a new beginning happening and it feels like the right thing to do.
Perhaps you can begin to feel the waves of relief! A very heavy burden is going to be lifted. We can now look at the major problems arising with a much more wholistic and inclusive view.

In the past … mistakes have happened but sometimes, that is the only way to learn.

Pluto is quintile to Chiron on the 25th. While this is a very slow and long term aspect that will last until 2021, it is one that shows us where we were holding back and how the only way forward is through personal growth.
If we have the courage to look deeply inside, we will be able to repair what has been broken. (Though it may take a very long time.)

Neptune finally changes direction on the 28th and those holding any illusions that are not true, will finally realize what they are left holding in their hand … is ash of a burned up delusion.
Faith begins to return, former dreams seem possible and there seems to be a possibility for powerful shifts in the external to come back to a place of sanity.

There is also a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30th. Lunar eclipses tend to bring up deep emotions, and Gemini communicates them … a lot. Use this energy to open minds to fresh new possibilities for the new year. There is an urgent “need to know”, “need to understand” feeling. No matter what, finish up those projects that are right in front of us … first. The answers to those questions will come but only when you are ready, open, willing to see, and willing to grow.
What will be obvious are the flaws within systems.
What becomes clear this month is that the insanity of those that had the power to make a change … didn’t.
And what becomes clear is the realization that the feelings of the people were worth nothing in a corrupt system designed to strip anything and everything from the people.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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