Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/2022

Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/2022

11/24/2022 is the number 14.

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 14.
1 + 5 = 5

The Number 5 is all about food. How perfect that we are on the Day of Thanks. I hope everyone takes the time to make some special family things that have been passed down generation to generation. It is always wonderful to bring ancestors in by making their favorite cookies or their special dish.
We are here to share and walk together on this earth.
There are special days when we gather and show the love that we feel for those that have given us so much, and for those that have put up with our crazy but enlightening moments.

Today, ground (the number 5) into what makes this earth walk special. Help out, clean the kitchen for the cooks, take out the garbage, go to the grocery store at the last minute for those important items, and breathe in each moment, every smile, and all the offerings that are subtle and unique.

Listen from this current moment and do not let those voices from the past interfere with the conversations attempting to heal and move us forward.

Have a wonderful celebration!
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today 11/24/2022

The Moon in Sagittarius puts us into the perfect party mood. As it connects with Chiron, Mercury, and Venus, we discover more meaning and healing through communications and connections. Things seem more exciting and there is great joy in sharing experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that opens the mind and inspires our hearts.

The astrology is positive, upbeat, and life-affirming.

I just love when the astrology aligns with the special days of the year.

But not all things run smoothly when Mercury and Pluto semi-square in the afternoon. This can make some of us question things and there can be an increase in anxiety, and concern for what we are not in control over. Use this energy to problem solve and remember that some conversations can be of a sensitive nature … to others.
Pay attention if you are over-stepping the boundaries of another.
Stay aware of how things seem to come across or impact others.
Know that it is not about the words but the tone and the openness of one’s heart.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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