April 29, 2022

Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/2022

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/2022

4/30/2022 is the number 13.

4 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 13.

Then we can add the 1 + 3 to get the number 4.

The Number 4 is interesting today because it is all about finding the inner balance in a world that is also experiencing a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus. And this is first one in Taurus for a while.
Eclipses tend to pull us out of balance or point out what needs to die in order to make us realize what is out of alignment with this current reality.

It is obvious that there is a lot out of balance on many levels and that can make our internal self, feel skewed into bizarre patterns … emotionally.
Many people feel as if they are on a new edge with this New Moon. Some things feel as if we are in the dark. There is an unknown energy lurking that is a very strange. We know that big things are coming and that we cannot allow certain patterns to continue without taking action. That is keeping us feeling out of sorts and it can make sleep difficult and stress something that seems endless.

Within this moment of tremendous astrological and numerological shifts … do your best to remain calm and watch with a detached eye as things unfold over the next few weeks.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

If you feel as if you are steaming in a sweltering place internally then you are not alone. There has been an intensity building up for the last few weeks and it is shaking the foundations of many of our most cherished beliefs. Values are being questioned and what once seemed to be the bedrock of our spiritual understanding … seems less stable or reliable.

Thank goodness we are finally at this tricky New Moon Eclipse. And while it will set many things in motion it will also help us to find a place of comfort in the chaos. Many changes are going to unfold in our lives and what is ahead is hidden in darkness.
This New Moon is in Taurus it is going to help us stay grounded while we are on this bizarre and twisting path.

We are going to be questioning all the things that Taurus usually holds steady in our world. What we value is going to be revamped. What we treasure as resources will also be re-evaluated. And how we value ourselves is going to be questioned. Eclipses are always a bit of the “wild and wooly” coming into the game.

The unexpected is to be expected.
The intuitive patterns of all the energy in Pisces adds to this uncomfortable dreamy quality that intends to cast a misty fog over the path ahead.
We cannot see where we are going and yet we are being asked to choose a path without having any clear signs as to the correct direction. That is because there is no wrong way to go.
Eclipses are born from our own karmic patterns that now require us to grow.

So, what we can expect is tremendous growth and many things will manifest very quickly.
The direction is being chosen for us based on our psychic and practical sense.

As we walk into May and we are having the Sun dominating in Taurus this month, the game is practicality. The mundane will suddenly have much greater value.

If you find yourself in tremendous resistance … know that what will be comforting is going to be those things that are familiar.

Relationships get re-evaluated and looked at through the eyes of experiences from our past and discovering what will make us happy now.
True happiness is not about getting our external circumstances the way we want but in understanding how our response to those external circumstances is the real issue.

While sometimes this astrology makes us question our worthiness, know that is not really the issue.
That is because we are also having Venus and Jupiter aligning and bringing more hopefulness into the mix.

Just remember that everyone is going to do exactly what they want to do. Your opinion will not matter in the least when someone has set their mind to a task or an experience.
We are again reminded that getting what we want or believe is never going to help us or others grow. Being thrown off balance forces us to recognize that we are never in control of another person’s destiny nor are we supposed to walk everyone’s path with them. Some things need to be learned independently.

Know that today, words will not matter. Those that indulge in the games of this Dark Moon will need to be tempted at this time and under these experiences in order to learn and progress.
Love teaches us things that we perhaps did not want to learn. Keep your heart open. Know that what arises is not under our control.

Expect May to be a wild ride on financial, personal, and intimate levels. Brace for the impending changes and learn to bend in this month of wild winds.  

~Suzanne Wagner


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