March 25, 2023

Numerology for 3/26/2023

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Numerology for 3/26/2023


3/26/2023 is the number 18.

3 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 18.
1 + 8 = 9


In numerology, the number 9 is considered a powerful and spiritual number that is associated with completion, compassion, and enlightenment.
Today, we can take a step to open our hearts to care and move with greater compassion if we are willing to recognize that we are all going to have easy and difficult moments. It is in those challenging times that we learn how to allow others to help and assist in the ways that they can.
Never expect others to offer gifts that they do not possess. We can only give what we have learned from deep inside our own personal journey along this path in life.
If we have compassion for ourselves in certain area, then we have compassion to offer others from that place of understanding.

This number 9 represents the end of a cycle or phase in life. It suggests that it’s time to let go and move on to something new.

This number is associated with empathy and kindness. It opens a doorway inside that can give us a deeper concern for others and a desire to make the world a better place. It often asks us to help. Notice where you can help and offer energy to those situations that touch you in special ways.

The number 9 is also seen as a spiritual number that activates our wisdom, intuition, and moves us ever deeper towards a more enlightened perspective. It asks that we look for a deeper understanding of our current world situations. It gives us an opening to connect to something greater than ourselves.

Perhaps today, we could open to a very new and unique vision.
We have within us the ability to bring that vision to life through our artistic or creative talents.

We shine when we reach towards the goodness in this world.
We shine when we listen to something that calls to our highest sensibilities.
Find those places that light up when we feel the power of our heart open.
Then always follow that path because it will always lead us home.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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