September 17, 2023

Numerology for 9/18/2023

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Numerology for 9/18/2023

9/18/2023 is the number 25

9 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 25
2 + 5 = 7

In yogic numerology, the number 7 supports us in paying attention to the details as we finish out the Sun’s cycle in Virgo. We are looking to see what lies ahead and to do that we need to bring some structure towards those important goals that we have yet to achieve.

This number inspires me to remember that one never needs to stop growing. One may need a great plan and the willpower to implement that plan but there are always levels of growth that can be possible if we are just willing to look forward and not stop ourselves with silly internal conversations designed to limit us and show us that we have passed our prime. I believe everyone can make magic. Some magic is designed to be shared with others. Other magic is designed to open us to the wonder of our own existence.
Today, make some magic of your own. Discover that it is never too late and that when we learn to open to what is right here … right now, the effort required … is actually minimal.
Magic does not take effort.
But it does take surrender.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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