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Numerology/Astrology for 12/16/19

12/16/19 is the number 4. Where there is balance that is where you find joy. That is where you come back home to yourself and remember all the love that has been given to you in so many ways. But mixed in with all that love and joy will always be those memories of stress and striving. The moments that you did not succeed. The moments of sheer and embarrassing failure. And in those moments you discover that they were there to help you learn to love yourself. While you can seek externally for balance (the number4). It is really that internal balance of self-love and care that impact you in ways that transcend your old mental beliefs and help you discover that you are more than the successes and failures of your life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

You are warned that the first half of the day might be a bit tense. With the Moon squaring Mars and Mars and Jupiter in a semi-square, it is one of those moments when any opposition will seem to loom larger than it perhaps is. Notice where you are wanting to be hasty and reactive emotionally. Such a choice will lead to a bad decision. Be careful. While a little competition is always good, as it can fell invigorating and stimulate you to move forward in inventive and new ways, it can also throw your own personal timing and make you overestimate your abilities.

Mar-Jupiter can make you excited, enthusiastic and impulsive but it can turn to the dark side and make yo combative and reactive. It will be your choice.

The Moon continues in the amicable sign of Leo and when this fire planet wants to have a nice chat with the Sun in Sagittarius (another fire element) you can be very creative. But it does put you on notice that honor and ethics are being observed by all. You are stronger when you choose to always act in accordance with the greater flow and rules of the natural order. Find those that you want to be together with and remember that relationships are one of the most important things in life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Where you have been, some part of you still exists.

Dancing on that stage with turns and twists.

Some places hold a powerful pull.

Theaters and stages hold a power that is full.

Full of the joy that sets spirits on fire.

Full of the love and dedication of those that aspire.

Within the walls are their filaments of light

That will dance forever in endless delight.

Looking down from up above.

Remembering the times with all the love

~Suzanne Wagner~





I tried in life to reach the stars.

I did not know how long or far,

I knew I had to reach beyond time.

And find out all the places that were mine.

I reached so high and touched that light

That was still me and was so bright.

But I found that I had to reach below,

And go into those places that I did not know.

That was where I found the true me.

Not the one that was all bright and pretty.

But the one that felt the hurt and pain.

She would even try to love in vain.

She knew that trends would come and go.

And all that remained was the love  you showed.

She could feel that beyond this time.

Were many selves that cared and pined,

For those connections that crossed beyond

The wide gap of a non-linear pond.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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