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Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/21

9/18/21 is the number = 23

Add the 9 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 23. Or 2 + 3 = 5.
The Number 5 connect the five points creating the star-symbol of the feminine. This number is passionate, earthy, physical, and filled with vitality. It asks us to look at the reality and the passions that motivate the needs and desires of our soul.
While we are star dust embodied in the physical world, we are here to have a human experience. The number five is all about learning to deal with the confusion forces that motivate the denser drives and challenges of this physical reality.

The number 5 reminds us that we learn through this plane of existence. By dealing with this density, we learn about the manifestation and the energy and focus it takes to be here now.
The number 5 is associated with Pallas, the goddess who presides over Ether (considered the 5th Element in life). Which is an integrative elixir that brings the other 4 elements together.

The Brahmins connect to the number 5 as the five attributes of men: form, perception, consciousness, action, and knowledge.

The Christians see the number 5 as the number of sacrifices, associated with the five wounds of Christ.

In the Positive this number is about stability, healing, and passion.

In the Negative this number is stubborn and locked down in their beliefs and ideologies.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is much more friendly as it finishes up in Aquarius today in the later afternoon. It will help us be more objective and allow our intelligence to lead.
There is a drive for that connect with others as the Moon aligns with Jupiter. Love those in your life as much as possible. Create traditions that are inspiring and that support connection and peaceful engagements that bring a smile to the face of all.

Joy tries to expand and grow. It is time for the positive energies to show us how much we have grown and how we have improved.

What allows for that noticeable shift are those powerful connections to others that allows us be connected and a part of the lives of each other.

The Moon goes into emotionally sensitive Pisces before dinnertime. For the next few days, many are going to feel more vulnerable. So, remember to be gentle, compassionate, and kind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Kingdoms are made or lost in a moment of raw emotion.

We are learning to temper our emotions with rational thought.

It is not different that learning to temper steel.

Working with the metal within the mind … with the heat of emotion, can unify and bring something amazing together if one is willing to take the time and effort to make seemingly divergent things find a common base point and connect.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Greek history and mythology, has always been a mess. And I believe it reflects the failings of the human condition and the suffering that our egos, choices, and the consequences that follow us around.

Even their God’s were uniquely egoic and human.

History of the Greek Gods does not begin with the Olympian deities. All the Olympians were descended from an earlier generation of gods called the Titans. And the Titans were descended from the primordial waters that emerged from Chaos.

The Titans were led by Chronos (God of Time – also known as Saturn) and overthrew their parents to gain control over this physical world.

They were then overthrown by Zeus and his brothers and sisters.
Those Olympians threw the Titans into the chasm of the Underworld.

And that is just the messy beginning of the Greek Mythology.

Being a God was fraught with risks. And that is what makes this mythology so interesting to humanity even thousands of years later.

The Greek Gods are so …. Human. They are magnifications of our best and worst aspects.
Even great kings such as Zeus are clearly existing in a very uncertain reality. And it clearly reminds us of how history repeats itself when it is unintegrated and not embraced as a teaching of what not to do.

Zeus devoured his first wife “Metis” (or Wisdom) because a prophesy indicated that his son from her would end his rule. Just as Cronus devoured his sons to prevent them from ending his reign.

Devouring is about embodying the knowledge and skills of another.

But taking on the powers of another when one is unprepared causes pain and suffering.

Zeus later had such severe headaches that Hephaestus cracked open his skull and the Goddess Athena emerged from the wound fully grown.
From that point on Athena became the new goddess of Wisdom, replacing her mother.

And yet, Athena was a warrior Goddess. She wore all the accoutrements of war but she was the embodiment of strategy and the teacher of warcraft.

It is from Athena that we often associate the asteroid Goddess, Pallas. Often she is referred as “Pallas Athena”.

The word, “Pallas” means maiden. But in ancient Greek the verb, “pallo” means to brandish a spear which is also associated with Athena.

But once again, there is a messiness with Pallas because the story goes that Athena had a childhood friend, a girl called Pallas. Both were being trained in the arts of war. At one point, Pallas and Athena got into a conflict and it came to blows. Zeus feared over the safety of Athena and distracted Pallas, who was then struck dead by Athena.

But after Pallas was killed, Athena was overcome by grief and made a wooden statue in the likeness of Pallas that was worshiped at the Palladium in Greece.

And it gets even more confusing because there are several others in Greek Mythology called “Pallas” but they are all male.

While I will not go into these other many stories associated with this name, it is a reminder that life is never neat and tidy. Things do not always fit into little boxes.

Greek mythology shows us that life is about embracing the chaos.

We have to learn to not mind the messiness of life. But learn how to enjoy the life we have been offered.

As an asteroid in Astrology, Pallas, it an indicator of your talents in areas such as, art, justice, wisdom, ability to defend yourself, intuitive knowing, and negotiation. She is the artful use of words to construct a win-win in situations. She is the energy that helps you make difficult choices in life and in love.

Pallas tries to help mankind learn to temper instincts with reason. She helps us turn ideas into actions.

She is your ability to have critical thinking (something lacking in our current world situations).

Pallas is about the need to learn how to use the left side of the brain in order to gain powerful reasoning skills that support logical balance.

Pallas is the “Spock” type of archetype in our more modern world.

Pallas is that calm and calculating ability to make difficult decisions especially within relationships.

Pallas is that energy that allows us to navigate new environments.

As such, she is a much-needed skill at this time.

She is that fighter for what is just and right in the world. She will ignore her own needs in favor of supporting the greater good.

She is our relationships with our fathers as well as all men in our lives.
Pallas is the ruler of arts, and it often has a prominent place in the natal charts of people who are artistically gifted or who are in some creative profession. These people are often into some form or visual arts, like the movies, design, photography, sewing, painting, pottery, sculpting, etc.

This asteroid also gives healing abilities to a person. Pallas rules different methods of healing using the power of their mind, or some other techniques, in the process of self-healing and healing others.

These can be: meditation, visualization, repeating affirmations, hypnosis, sound and light healing, mind control, etc.

In the charts of some people, it grants these people with great healing abilities, and for some people it gives them receptivity to be healed in such a manner.

For some people, a prominent Pallas indicates good diplomatic skills and talent for diplomacy and politics. With bad aspects of Pallas, the person is usually lacking diplomatic skills, has a weak character, or is aggressive.
Check out where you might have this asteroid in your own chart by going to one of the free astrology sites and putting in your own information.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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