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Numerology/Astrology for 9/6/21

9/6/21 is the number = 20

Add the 9 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 20. Or 2 + 0 = 2.
The Number 2 supports us in looking objectively at current personal situations and from that place of observation to look for a rational pathway through the maze of this moment.
Keeping a cool and calm head is something of great value in this world. Especially today.

Being willing to learn and embrace diverse thoughts and ways of thinking that give flexibility and variety to our life.

Do your best to stay out of those thoughts that are condescending and that sound like negative thought viruses that others projected on us from our past.

We are not what others see.
In fact, sometimes we are not even what we see in the mirror.

So much is still to uncover and discover if we are willing to stretch beyond our current level of experience and allow our soul to move into the vast unknown places and spaces of existence.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

While the astrology continues to be a challenge on many levels, at least we are moving and growing. Such times will push us beyond our old comfort zones, but in the end, we will be very grateful for those promptings from the universe.

This New Moon will minorly challenge Jupiter and will continue to stretch us emotionally and make us look beyond the old and into the vast potential that is trying to show us a new way to exist.

Pluto and Mars ask us to figure out how to make things work with the tools we currently have in hand. Creativity can take more time but is more worthwhile in the long run.
Embrace the creative challenge and know that in life, obstacles are just a part of the normal way life operates.

It is time to let go of those things that are just not feeling quite right to us anymore. Embrace the discovery awaiting us just after we let some things go and free up space for us to bring in the next evolutionary steps for our life.
Many changes come with a Uranus/Sun trine, and it is an encouraging sign on many levels. As we free up energy and loosen those things that have bound us there are great things coming our way.
Venus and Jupiter are at their third wave as they trine again … bringing a celebratory mood and much pleasure and joy into our life.
It is those little things that make all the difference.

Let our hearts express that light and joy.
Share that with those still feeling challenged.

It is in the connection and thoughtfulness of our actions both verbally and through gestures that show that we care.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Within the music is the dance of light.

It takes you over and makes us bright.

It allows us to remember the flow.

It stops the mind from needing to go.

I love to sit and hear the laughter and joys.

I embrace the abandon that music employs.
What a gift it is to know how to follow music’s dance.

It is a miracle to embrace its cadence and romance.

When I cannot stop smiling in glee.

I then know that all the parts within feel life’s whoopee.

~Suzanne Wagner~


This weekend my husband and the band that he plays with were playing at the Noyo River Grill in Fort Bragg. It is a great venue along the water, open air, sea breezes, great ambiance, and so fun to be surrounded by live music.

Such a joy to see all the creative spirit and poignant lyrics of the artists.
We all miss the festivals and the events that remind us of the good things about humanity.

So much overwhelms our psyche with the terrible things in life and while those need to be addressed and changed, it is also great to feel free to become one with music and those in the spirit of giving that gift of light, hope, and love.
I wonder where those musicians are that have the power, charisma, and ability to create songs, lyrics, and music that can lift us up, make us better, and allow us to reach for a world where we are all one.

I am clearly showing my 60’s generation energy.

Some of the best music that I think saved us culturally and energetically arose in the 60’s.

I am sure there are many musicians out there trying to ignite a movement. And I support them all in that endeavor.

So, I send out a call that many artists rise up and come together to support a movement of positive change and energy that is sustainable.

It has been done before and I know it can be done again.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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