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Numerology/Astrology for 4/8/18

4/8/18 is the number 5. Growth in the physical plane is always about pushing against the restrictions of the present global consciousness and without being reckless move beyond the words and actions of those you used to look up to and recognize that position, power, wealth, and fame have absolutely nothing to do with any type of clarity on a conscious level or any form of spiritual evolution. The global culture puts a lot of importance in the world of money and fame. But in the bigger scheme of things is means really nothing. It is time to recognize that just because someone is well-known, recognizable, has a lot of money, or has a lifestyle that you are lusting after, does not mean they are kind, awake, compassionate, or a good person. It is as if the world has lost touch with what creates a world with good and solid values. So many want to live in a world of shallow emotional expression, which requires no mental capacity, knowledge, intelligence, or objectivity. We cannot continue to support such a world. That is because it collapses the values that serve the whole rather than the few. There is an inherrant selfishness in the core of humanity that needs to be confronted and researched as to what trauma or wounding is still festering in so many people that they choose a path that has no substance and has no potential of spiritual evolution of consciousness. That is why the number 5 is about taking a look at what is your deepest motivation. What are the challenges that you refuse to face within your own psyche? Where is the ego reinforcing destructive choices and thoughts to the point of becoming a person of anger and hate that you don’t even recognize within yourself? It is time to see past your own nose and your own projections into the bigger picture of what serves all of life and all of humanity.
Today, the Sun in Aries forms a square with the Moon in Capricorn. At this time with the Moon we are descending into unconsciousness. Such moments are about finishing up those things that have been hanging over your head and that you kept putting aside. Now is the time. Just allow yourself to dive into them in a constructive fashion. Under this astrology you might feel a bit scattered or impractical in your choices or decisions. Mercury’s connect to Jupiter is manifesting as restlessness. Pay a bit more attention to the little things as there is a type of forgetfulness happening. The Moon is in Capricorn all day. Do your best to be practical in your choices and decisions. That allows things to flow more smoothly.

~Suzanne Wagner~

We must especially beware of
the small group of selfish men
who would clip the wings of the
American Eagle in order to
feather their own nests.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt~


I believe that we are here to gain experiences in learning how to be the light. I believe that this solar systems sun shines light on everyone and everything. It does not show prejudice, exclusivism, or hatred for one thing being better or worse. You cannot be light if you are in prejudice, even if you repeat the words of the great masters and the great spiritual books. You cannot be the light, if you are excluding others just because they are different and that they have learned skills that you do not see as valued. You cannot be the light, if you are in hate because holding hate and feeling hate for others says that you are actually the one in darkness. Because that is where hate lives.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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