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Numerology/Astrology for 10/10/17
10/10/17 is the number 3. How do you stay positive when it feels as if you have been on a roller-coaster for too long with no way off? The answer is surrender. There is clearly no way to know when this is going to be over so you have to let go of the fear and be completely in the moment. In each moment, you have to recognize that you are really not in control. Something much bigger and vaster is actually in control. And there are lessons that have to be learned before progression can happen. Your consciousness has to shift first before your external world can make the adjustment to a higher vibration. Clearly, there are not enough shifts in consciousness from the domain of change and accepting of your own mistakes and issues to warrant a shift in the physical world towards a positive, inclusive outcome. But I believe we can make it there eventually. Though it may be a long haul through this level of learning.

Jupiter enters Scorpio today after a thirteen-month transit of Libra. Jupiter will transit Scorpio for almost thirteen months – until November 8th, 2017. This is a time to look inward and deal with the deepest unresolved issues that still plague your soul. This transit encourages you to embrace your emotions, and develop intimacy on a new level. The way to cope and attract the most success and good fortune under these aspects is to put your whole self into what you need to accomplish. You are less focused on what’s fair or polite and more interested in dealing with what really matters. There can be a stronger desire to solve problems and cut right to the chase. This is a period for looking at the darker corners of your life and see it from an honest perspective. This is a time for purging out the old crap that is holding you back. It can also be a time for finding hidden or previously overlooked resources. The Moon is in Gemini for most of today, until 11:39 PM EDT when it enters Cancer. Venus opposes Chiron this afternoon and Mars is moving to a square to Saturn, suggesting some choppiness and missteps. You are more aware, and possibly resentful of, imbalances in all areas of your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Belief is an obstacle to truth.”

~Ken Wolkoff~

The sheer number of fires is overwhelming so many. Sending love and water through my spirit to all those impacted. So many are trying to save lives. My stepdaughter and her family have been evacuated. She does not know if she has a house left. I pray for all those impacted. May calm winds prevail.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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