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Numerology/Astrology for 10/10/19

10/10/19 is the number 5. Put on those work boots and tie the shoestrings double because now is the moment that you are going to need those shoes. Things are going to get messy for the next few months and you will need the accoutrement to get the job done. It is going to be a dirty job cleaning this whole thing up and there is just no way around it. It is an earth day and in this case more of a “getting rid of” day. Clearing things out and cleaning up messes is a big job. You will need some sturdy gloves and a very hard hat. Things are going to come at you from all angles. And you have to be prepared. Do what is right in front of you. Do not take on things that are not yours to do. Protect what is yours and what is of great value to you. And remember that others do not always value the same things you do.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Pisces make us continue to feel the deep emotions and sensitivities that are causing so much global suffering. Perhaps we need to be very uncomfortable before we change. I believe that being open (even when it hurts) is better than being closed and numb. But being awake and aware is often painful to the suffering happening in life. Clearly the universe is asking for our heart to be tenderized and opened. Take time for yourself and know that there are moments when you need rest to gain perspective.

The Moon trines Mercury in Scorpio. This aspect is not a request but a demand. And one that says you need to learn and you need to awaken even more. Only with focus and quick thinking can you navigate the constantly changing circumstances of life. Sometimes it is clear that altercations are going to happen and somehow you need to embrace even that moment.

The Moon sextile Saturn. This pattern is all about responsibility, reliability, and the willingness to get organized. You have to face forward to what is coming your way. You have to let this moment inspire you to action regardless of if seems less than what you want.

The Moon conjuncts Neptune. Yes, I know you want to escape into a world of fantasy but if you do you will deliberately imbalance a delicate equation. This aspect is going to stay for some time and it is always a moment that represents times of trouble and abject defiance. There will be those who want to change your mind and manipulate your thoughts and perspective. Remember, the truth is simple. Only do what serves the greater good of all. Stand and protect the innocent, young, weak, and elderly. The most vulnerable are going to suffer the most. You are obligated to help when called.

You will not be able to shake this feeling of discontent. There are difficult choices that need to be made regarding your relationships, money, and safety. Take all of that very seriously and know that you have to feel secure in your personal world right now.

~Suzanne Wagner~


A superpower of the feminine is exuberance.
When a woman lets go, there is an explosion
of passion, power, ecstasy, and joy.
There are some that are literally afraid of that.
Afraid of the power that it has over others.
Afraid of the freedom that it shows.
Afraid of the uncontrolled
abandon that is the feminine.
Why do (especially adults) attempt
to control or limit exuberance in others?
Right now we need all things
to grow profusely, luxuriantly,
explosively, and with wild abandon.
I believe that there are those
that are so stuck inside that they
attempt to control and
restrict others out of fear.
Especially the feminine.
Don’t let them tame your exuberance.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I had a dream last night that the world was on fire and that I was spreading fire retardant on all my things, my house, my car, my property. I was telling everyone to do the same thing and some would listen and some did not even seem to notice. They were like robots just walking through with no conscience guiding them. Those that were listening were surrounded by angels and guides that were also directing them to the best of their ability. I spent all night putting down layers of fire retardant because I knew a huge blaze was coming. Then I woke up. Clearly my subconscious and conscious mind are in sync about what is coming. Things are going to get dicey from here on out. You will need all your wits about you to deal with the intensity that has become our world. I believe in our ability to bring us out of this hell and into a world with more compassion. What is also clear are that lives (on all levels) are going to be sacrificed in order get us to awaken. It makes me very sad.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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