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Numerology/Astrology for 10/10/21

10/10/21 is the number = 7

Add the 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7.
In my book, “Integral Numerology”, I describe the archetype for the number 7 to be Ben Franklin. This is the number of planning and strategy. And he fits the bill perfectly.

This is a number of those with high intelligence who seek to see patterns within the structures of life and to want to understand why those patterns repeat and what those patterns mean. This is the number that loves to create methods that help manifest cultures and intelligence … or lack thereof.

It is the number of self-discipline and the ongoing commitment to growth.

The Number 7 prefers a strong sense of self-worth, accountability and responsibility for what is created.

In the positive, this number is about the desire to seek meaning and understanding of the things that surround our life and world. It is a number of determination, intelligence, and commitment. It is also the number of healthy boundaries.
It is about learning to say “No!”

In the negative, this number is controlling, dominating, and wants to make it all about themselves. They are more interested in protecting themselves and their beliefs than finding truth. Such people are defensive and cutting to others. They want to tear down those that say or do anything that is upsetting to their predilections.
Today, learn to say “No!” when it is appropriate. Have clear boundaries with others. Keep commitments and seek to understand the workings that make up this reality.

Enjoy one of my favorite numbers today.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Finally, the Moon is fully in Sagittarius. Whew! There are many things that make this extremely helpful. But this Moon has the attitude of possibilities, and that is extremely helpful.

It also is in a flow with Mercury, Mars, and the Sun. That opens up the unusual and brings a hopeful place back into our reality.

It is bringing us towards all things that are just and fair. Something that has been sorely missing in our world.

Saturn is shifting gears as it prepares to turn direct. It makes us look at the practical and pragmatic, the restrictions in place at this time, and those that seem to want to make things worse.

Those plans in the future are defining themselves. And yet, we will also see that many things that will take more time than we anticipated.

Many things are changing. Be aware of those patterns rearranging themselves in your life. It is best to be prepared for what is on the horizon.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Life is precious and can change in the blink of an eye.

Life is tenacious and will refuse to die.

Life is a force that combines desire and will.

Life will remain and continue to distill.

What it can from the arid land.

Because life always has another plan.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Taking time to discover what is real.

Taking time to remember that what we feel.

Is a blink in the eye in the infinity of time.

Is a blink in our journey towards the sublime.

Why do we look beyond the stars?
Why do we allow polluting cars?
Are we setting the trends for the future?

Are we making choices that heal and suture?
Those wounds we carry through time and space?

Those wounds that could heal through surrender and grace?

We are in a time where the darkness speeds in.

Every night the light fades sooner and every morning the light comes later in.

We are being asked to slow down the pace.

We are being asked to seek what gives us grace.

I know that so often, the speed and rush of life.

Makes everything feel upsetting and filled with strife.

But it is our tempo that can move us towards more peace and light.

It is our love that allows our heart to take flight.
We need more love to change this place.

We need more acceptance and less disgrace.

I am so tired of all the hate at this time.
I want humanity to grow past this hateful nursery rhyme.
We can grow up! We can find a way!

We have great skills, so I don’t understand the dismay.

There is so much money in this world to use.

There is too much abundance that has been misused.

It is time to take the reins away from those.

That refuse to see what is in front of their nose.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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