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Numerology/Astrology for 10/1/20

10/1/20 is the number 6.
If you add the 1 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 6.

Seems we need some more time of contemplation. On so many levels nature keeps stopping us and making us continue this game of “time out”. I think nature is trying to teach us a lesson. Clearly we are not getting that lesson. So back into solitude for more contemplation and introspection. Probably a better choice than reacting when you are not really sure what is a clear path. The number 6 day is does not need to make you go backwards and deal with your past. Unless you have never done that. But in all honesty, I believe that many have been trying to take a look at what is unresolved. So perhaps now we can use this time to move that process of healing into a more artistic expression in the external world. Often what is our wound can become our gift to the world. The things you have learned and finally understand can be shared in ways that help others move through struggles faster and with more clarity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Full Moon is on Thursday October 1st in Aries. And another one on the 31st. Because there is an overwhelming abundance of planets in action signs now, expect epiphanies and feelings to come into clarity. You will seem some with a fire within burning so brightly that it will burn out in a flash if not careful. The Moon is energized and bright. Expect to notice things that you did not notice before.
How can we find a way to balance those individual needs with relationship needs? That is the challenge for today. Honor those that stick with you through thick and thin.
The Full Moon is aligned with wounded/healer/teacher Chiron. Perhaps we can find some relief in all this insanity. Know that this can bring old wounds up to the surface so you can see them.

Ambitious Mars, (thought still retrograde in Aries) makes a helpful trine to Venus in Leo. That means there is help in your relationships. Just keep an open heart and be willing to try new methods and ways.

With Venus and Pluto quintile you can see and act more strategically around your money and relationships.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Women are energetically
stronger than men.
We know it.
Women are emotionally
stronger than men.
We know that too.

Men love the ideal of women
to fuel their fantasies.
But when women show
their full magnificence
and majesty, they become ..
~Suzanne Wagner~

Men say they want a strong woman.
That is until she fully claims her power and energy.
Women are energetically stronger than men.
We know it.
Women are emotionally stronger than men.
We know that too.
Men don’t like it when we become too much.
Then they will try to suppress us, beat us down, remind us of our place, and tell us that we are frail and small.
Men love the ideal of women to fuel their fantasies.
But when women show their full magnificence and majesty, they become afraid.
Because men are small in our domain of energy and emotion.
Men have believed in their illusion of control that they think their gas-lighting has over us.
They are wrong.
We are awake.
We are pissed.
They will not get us to go back into their little boxes.

~Suzanne Wagner~

My passion has always burned brighter than my fear.
I cannot hold back that which I am and who I came to be.
My power is harnessed to my passion.
You cannot have a better world without us.
We are the juice and the energy.
We are the inspiration and the muse.
We are the motivation and the drive.
When you realize that and respect us again.

Perhaps then, we will let you really see what we have to offer.
Men are idiots when they place us lower than themselves.
We have been the warriors at their backs protecting them from their own stupidity.
How often we have saved them and they have never taken a moment to look behind to see what we have been doing for them.
Women are the eyes that see how all things are connected.
Women are the heart that protects and heals those things you harm.
Women are the soul of life itself on this planet.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Any future you can see
requires the feminine.
~Suzanne Wagner~



My body, my life, my morals, my values.
What the US was supposed to be as an ideal.
Not a pack of lies and games that intend to
promote fear and breed dysfunction and chaos.
No matter what others do, I will stand for
the truth that supports others and all of life.
I support women being able to
make their own choices for their body.
I will never allow any man having the ability
to make decisions about my health or well-being.
They cannot make any woman go back into a box
that was designed to take, use, and abuse women.
If they try they will have a fight on their hands.
One that they will then lose everything.
But perhaps it is time to take their power
away from them and let them see how it feels.
And how the world should really work.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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