October 24, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/25/15
October 25th is the number 7 so get ready for an amazing mind shift as the astrology gets going into a more pure form of Scorpio, one that we have not seen in a long time because of the past Saturn in Scorpio for the last 3 years. Finally that aspect is gone and we can feel like we have the stick-to-it capacity to get things done and with Mercury finally coming out of its shadow period in Libra we are discovering a new balance potential internally that can give us a very different energy with which to move. A lot of things are changing in our relationships and how we balance our life, health, and wealth. With the number 7 you will become acutely aware of the mental thoughts and patterns that have been holding you back and have been causing you to not connect with what you truly want out there. The pattern that is becoming terribly conscious is where you have been settling for no so good stuff and the energy of Scorpio will give you that feeling of “Oh, I don’t think so!” which will get you off the fence and back into a much more proactive reality. It is time to cut out what is causing you blocks or resistance and instead to move towards what gives you true value. There is a lot of new stuff that is trying to come your way this next week. What are you intending to do with it? You cannot go back to the old way that is clearly done so it is time to be enthusiastic for the energy and boldness that is pushing you forward into a new and more authentic expression. Mercury is opposing Uranus so expect your mind to be blown in some very new and unusual ways. Mars is opposing Chiron it is time to break away from the past. But do not doubt that there is an overload of energy going on in the sky and in your life. So recognize that a plan is happening that is radically different that anything you have previously expected but go with it anyway. You want things to settle down but this is an intense period so know that you will have to grab the energy when you can find it and calm down. But don’t expect it to be a long moment because there are planets that are pushing you out of the old nest and into a completely different pattern. You are building a new foundation for your new life. Yes, it is going to be hard work. Yes, it is going to be a new revolution of who you are. I know you want a structure and a pattern with this day being a number 7 but you are creating a new world not based on your old world. Think of this more like you are in a jungle type of garden and you need to cut things away to create the beautiful garden of your dreams but at first you are feeling like you are hacking things away just so you can see what is possible. This is going to feel a bit chaotic and choppy just know that as you chop away you might discover a hidden treasure under a lot of old stuff. Keep that treasure. Do not destroy the beauty you find hidden. That means that you cannot randomly just chop away. You have to stay conscious with each movement. You can do it.
~Suzanne Wagner~


But I suppose you must touch life in order to spring from it…

Are you just existing in life or do you fully embrace life and touch it completely? I think in our normal routine we end up going through the motions and do not fully move from presence and experience all the subtly that life offers. To be fully engaged in life you have to also have compassion because only when you are present in life will you recognize the suffering or needs of others. It is painful to be fully in life. It hurts when you see others hurting. But that is what life is here to teach you, how to open your heart, how to feel beyond your own selfishness, and to step out of your own thoughts and into the energy that surrounds all living things in one giant field of experience. We are all learning how to embody presence in whatever form of life we have chosen to experience. All things that are living are having a unique experience related to that particular thing. Trees experience time much more slowly than a hummingbird. Fish in the water experience a life filled with a denser resistance called water than humanity that is moving through air. Each experience is unique and holds special lessons and qualities. As a human we have that rare opportunity to move through all the qualities of life if we so choose. In the shamanic systems we can move through energies such as a condor and contemplate looking out of the eyes of a condor in flight. In that way we become one with the condor and learn by observing through its eyes and experience. Today, shape shift into something or someone else’s experience. Look out through the eyes of another creature in the earthly realm. It is amazing what you can observe when you step out of the human perspective and into that of another plant or animal. This gives you depth, it gives you compassion, and it puts things into a different perspective.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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