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Numerology/Astrology for 10/15/15

October 15th is the number 6. The number 6 is about learning to drop in. This has been a challenging time to drop in as there has been so much in the universe stirring the pot in a lot of ways. When there are so many triggers being in stillness takes great effort. But today, the counsel is to go inside and see what you are avoiding. Your inner self is trying to talk to you and it is essential for you to find the part and voice that you have been avoiding. There is a place of wisdom that is counseling quiet and solitude. There is a voice that has the answer you seek, the problem is that it is not what you want to hear it. That makes it difficult. In that moment you might make the mistake that the answer is “out there” when it is not. Others do not have the answer. Only you in this moment know the next step for you to take. Today stop listening to others opinions and find “your” truth. You may not like the answer but it will be one that gives you a step forward towards a core realization rather than circling around and around something.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When you argue for your limitations, Nature’s very kind it gives them to you. Just like when you desire to go beyond, Nature conspires to open ways for you.

~Rakesh Sethi~


Whew! Yesterday I had an amazing adventure with my Bali friends to the Safari Park. What an interesting and beautiful place. There was a huge Theater show, which was amazing with dancing and animals etc. It was incredible. I also got a massage, which “kicked my A**” but very good for me. As a result, this morning, I am moving slowly but this trip is the beginning of a shift for my energy and flow. I plan on listening more and more to what I need and find a balance to expand to my next level. I invite all others to join me in whatever way you also need to reclaim your own personal center and energetic alignment.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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