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Numerology/Astrology for 10/15/19

10/15/19 is the number 10. The Number 10 is about having the power to decide and change the trajectory of your life. It is always up to us to change. Sometimes we think that some magical moment will happen and miraculously we will have a cosmic awakening and all things will change. But the reality is a lot more effort and work than that. Most of the time we have to realize that it is us causing the problem and so it is us that need to change and do things differently. Shifting out of habits and wounding’s is a part of everyone’s journey in life. Some of us resist each time and some of us eventually learn that admitting and surrendering is the way to move with more grace and authenticity. Personally, I have done both and various times in my life. How much I am attached is a marker as to how gracefully I will let go and allow for a more conscious and fluid shifting of my patterns. But sometimes, things have to get really bad and I have to be pushed up against the harsh reality of my choices before I decide that I will do anything to stop doing this dysfunctional pattern. Embarrassment is a great tool to get me to admit that I am being ridiculous and that I need to grow up …. Again. Life will continue to challenge each of us at different times. And sometimes we are challenged all at once (like now). Sometimes the dysfunction is so severe that there has to be a global crisis to make everyone feel the suffering all at once in order for each of us to take a look at what is really important to us and future generations.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

There is a nice challenge between communicative Mercury and visionary Neptune on Tuesday afternoon. Communicate your higher vision and allow yourself more time to sleep, dream, and discover.

The Moon today is in Taurus and Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is creatively in alignment with Pluto and the wounded healer teacher, Chiron. Your actions want to emotionally and passionately connect to things that matter. There will be some tensions in the areas of love and problems can occur. Know that your reaction is your personal astrological deficiency or strength that will either cause understanding and grace or reactiveness and more suffering.

The Moon trine Saturn makes you focus on what is your responsibility and the realization that your dreams and goals can happen but you will have to learn to keep a clear and logical mind. Face each objective one at a time and make your actions deliberate and caring to others.

The trine between Mercury in Scorpio and Neptune activates  your intuition and a great escape is to read or listen to books. You really need to have a story take you away from all this unresolvable external conflict right now. There are serious decisions that you need to very carefully consider at this time. You are not always right. Notice if you are running away from some major lesson that you desperately need to learn. While it looks too hard, avoiding this particular issue is not going to make your life easier.

The Moon sextile Neptune will make you realize that you need more tools than you presently have to face the challenges that are exposing your evolutionary weaknesses on a personal level. Notice that you handle conflicts at work fine but at home you are not. That is because of the level of attachment that you have regarding outcomes. Home life is always more personal and a reflection of where you need to grow on a deeply personal and intimate level. It is easier to stay objective and stepped back from issues at work. Turn your determination to deep personal changes in your behavior so that your presence creates a feeling of calmness and connection for those you love.
~Suzanne Wagner~


We must never fall asleep
in a world where the
powerful will use lullabies
to brain-wash humanity
into fairy tales that
cultivate complacency
and blanketed acceptance.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you decide to grow up,
you see the world without those rose colored glasses.
You do not look with the eyes of a child’s goodness and open heart
but the eyes of someone who is wary, battle-tested,
and knows that not all people have your best interests at heart.
You recognize that no one is going to give you a free ride.
Nor will they pay you what you are worth.
Because there are very scary people out there
that have souls with huge, wide, and hungry mouths
that can never have enough or be satisfied.
That is why there are laws to try to bring a semblance
of balance and fairness into cultures and governments.
Unfortunately, there will always be those that want to
manipulate circumstances to force those with less .. to take less.
We must never fall asleep in a world
where the powerful will use lullabies
to brain-wash humanity into fairy tales
that cultivate complacency and blanketed acceptance.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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