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Numerology/Astrology for 10/15/20

10/15/20 is the number 11.
If you add the 1 + 0 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11.

Expansion and change (the number 11) are required for continued life on this planet. But it is a lot of effort to do that. It takes a type of determined and consistent mind that embraces differences and wants to get deeper into the reality rather than just live shallowly and have a flat life. This number 11 is the “wild thing”! It is the rebel. It is the part of our soul that refuses to let others define what is good or bad. It is that part that says, “Wow! You have a huge judgment about something. Perhaps I should explore that a bit more!” When you see others walking around carrying metaphorical signs that they use to define the reality, notice that that “sign” says “fear” loud and clear. It is when the number 11 day shows up that you see clearly past those signs and into the fear that is underlying their behaviors and choices. Today, take absolutely nothing at face value. The louder something is the more there are emotions, fears, and complex patterns driving that perception forward. But in this number 11 day, you see past the facades of the obvious even more than normal and you recognize the cage that others place around themselves to define their reality and to keep themselves safe. What actually keeps you safe is awareness, openness, and flexibility. When you have the ability to perceive all things from a higher level and function then the reactive mind of the number 2 calms down and you can observe objectively and discover the underlying truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


In the morning there is a Sun-Pluto square. Expect fears you thought long buried surface and know that trusting others becomes very challenging. You will see many brave people pushing through obstacles that are intended to thwart their power. Learning to not let others define who you are in this world is a critical lesson for a soul’s evolution. Most obstacles are superficial inconveniences that are usually able to block weak souls from standing up. Many things are idle threats that are more bluff than bite. That is unless the person intends to make points and they are trying to prove their bravery. But what often they prove instead is their idiocy and lack of self-control and ability to discern what is really appropriate in a situation.

The Moon moves out of Virgo and into Libra as you are sound asleep. This particular Libra Moon is uncompromising and unified around one or two goals, giving it more power.

Use this energy today to help you define a strong sense of self and recognize the greatest manipulation is personal power. A person that cannot be shaken off knowing who they really are has a type of magic that makes the weak wills of those that are pretending to shrink away.

The goal in life (especially now) is one of self-control. There is a lot of pressure moving from one direction to another. A type of chaos designed to distract you from what is really important and to delay you achieving your goals. Don’t let them.

Forcing will not work. Moving from a place of suspicion may be what keeps you alive in these times.

There is a New Moon tomorrow. So you would be best served to let things come to their appropriate end. Tomorrow will be another day to pick up that sword of truth and to fight.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I see a life slowly drifting away.
Drop by drop the essence of a ballet.
Caring for others replaced by caring for self.
Things that used to be done, are put on the shelf.
We look back to a time and place
Where we were filled with life but lacked grace.
Now, with age, comes the desire for a peaceful stance.
I watch the drama of youth and smile with a glance.
They see not with their eyes
but believe the disguise.
They dream of fame
but do not see the game.
I have no desire to point out that their path,
is not going to give what they think in the aftermath.
That is something we all have to learn.
Karma has a way to completely overturn.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I am so proud of those standing in lines for hours to vote. I am grateful to be in a state that allows me to vote by mail. But I can feel in my bones that I am one that would stand in those lines.
There is a relentless determination to take back the soul of our country from those that had intended to take it away. That makes my heart so happy. It gives me hope.
Thank you America for having the courage to wait in long lines intended to intimidate those whose value was determined by the wealthy and arrogant to be less than.
Every one of you is an American and have rights.
Every one of you count.
Every one of you are needed to keep this freedom ship afloat in this storm of fascism.
I am grateful to have you all on this ship, cutting into the strong winds.
Together we will find that new land and a new direction.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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