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Numerology/Astrology for 10/16/17
10/16/17 is the number 9. This number is about the integration of wisdom from experience. This number is also about a serious and deep need to stabilize the reality in which you find yourself. While passion is wonderful, what is better are people who have a conscious choice to objectively address impulsive tendencies. Knowing how to channel constructively life force energy is something that takes great practice and mental discipline to manage well. Listen not to your head but your heart. Always as the question, “Does this open love?”

The Moon spends the day in organized, detail-oriented, helpful Virgo. Take time to enjoy a Sun-Saturn sextile this morning that supports a disciplined mind and brings more purpose and practicality to your life. This is a time for self-awareness that leads to realistic plans and goals. The Sun-Saturn influence asks you to keep your feet on the ground. You prefer conservative, safe moves now. Remember, slow and steady is the best way to proceed. It’s a good day for taking actions that build trust and a sense of reliability. You feel grounded and stable. It becomes easier to stick to a particular task and make headway. You are taking into account practical applications to your ideas. You might become especially aware of the passage of time.

~Suzanne Wagner~



We are all born ignorant,
But one must work hard
to remain stupid.
~Benjamin Franklin~



How are the fires so like our heart?
Broken, burning, and hidden in the dark.
How is this world showing us the truth?
The hatred and hurt, we ignored in our youth.
How is this earth trying so hard to show the horror to come?
To the ones that have so much per capita income.
The signs are there, the warnings loud and clear,
Nature is showing us that we are creating what we fear.
What will it take to make monumental change?
And support all life instead of personal gain?
We have the tools to stop this wheel of madness.
We have the ways to stop such desperate sadness.
It requires laws for all new buildings to be
Fireproof, solar, and aligned with ecology.
It can be done there is proof all around
But there are forces who continue to lie and hound.
Will more suffering have to be endured?
Will more lives be lost, until egoic souls have matured?
This moment requires a radical shift in how we see
How the future could evolve beyond poverty and greed.
I know it can be done, there is money to prepare
For this new world to heal the despair.
I call out to those courageous souls
Who seen the signs and choose those roles.
May peace bless those who have lost so much.
To show us a doorway into this new world we can touch.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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