October 19, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 10/20/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/20/16

10/20/16 is the number 3. Keeping a positive attitude might be a full time job today as the aggravating atmosphere of the ongoing Mars/Pluto conjunction from yesterday begins to separate. This type of configuration becomes more challenging as it separates and the brute force of conflict from those with strong opinions will become like sledge hammers over your head. This energy begins to feel like if you will not agree with another they will beat their opinion into your head. Expect conflict in a multitude of ways and attempt to stay open and flexible to an overriding onslaught of perception and prejudice. Brute force may work on a temporary basis but growth does not happen this way as a consistent form of transition. Instead, use this energy to focus your mind and heart in what may seem like super-human effort to accomplish tasks at hand that serve the greater good. Protect your heart as this energy can add such stress that health issues can magnify if you do not remain calm. Mercury opposes Uranus early today, and you can be a little confrontational and rebellious in your communications. Disagreements with others are entirely possible. It’s not the time to present an argument or an important idea but the friction stimulated now can challenge you to learn more about your mind and opinions. Epiphanies and unusual ideas can occur now. Just attempt to use this energy for the good of others. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 11:29 AM EDT, when it enters Cancer and restlessness gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet. However, later today, it can be difficult to find nourishment if you are looking outside of yourself for it, as you can be at odds with one another regarding what you need and crave.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I wasn’t born to belong to anyone. I was born to share myself with someone who shares an equal amount of themselves with me.
~Dru. Anthony~


I watched miracles happen last weekend at the Shades of Intimacy Workshop and I so wish to create a world where intimate connection in healthy ways could become the norm for our society and this beautiful planet. When we strip away the prejudice and projection underneath we are all one heart and one love. We are all challenged to open and connect with others in authentic ways and we all want to be seen and witnessed for the gifts we carry and are compelled to share with others. But do you notice the behaviors that support that opening with others or those behaviors that are dysfunctional? It is often very difficult to see the actions that either push people away from us or allow that magnetic attraction to bring us together. It takes a brave person to ask the question, “What am I doing that makes you move away from me?” It takes courage to listen to their answer and sort through where that is true from their slant or projection.

Suzanne Wagner~

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