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Numerology/Astrology for 10/20/19

10/20/19 is the number 6. Calling all angels, saints, and enlightened beings to help support and stabilize this beautiful number 6 day. This is the spiritual seeker number and each of us often need a guide to help us along the way. Some guides are our family and loved ones. Some guides are our friends and acquaintances. Some guides are on the others side, such as our dead relatives and those that love and care for us, whispering encouragement and advise when we most desperately need it. And there are the higher angels and archangels that are in charge of our spiritual growth, development, and karmic journey. None of us are ever alone. Often the higher angels speak to us through friends and those we spontaneously meet on the streets. We are surrounded by those that believe in us and believe in what is deeply hidden in our heart. Now is the time to connect to that most precious self and give that out into the world. There is an alarm clock going off in the world, attempting to wake us out of the slumber that our ego coaxed us into. It is time to be more fully awake and present. It is time to bring our total self into this dimension and world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Venus sextile Saturn in the morning helping with the grounding and practical thinking. Security is the most important thing right now and connecting to those that are loyal and on your side even more so. Those from our past seem to magically reappear. That is because those connections are spiritual family and need to be reconnected strongly right now. It is time for those alliances that you trust with your life to know that you love and appreciate them. Energy connections of love exist throughout all time and space. Use them to give you strength.

Make sure you are looking at things honestly. It is time to be a bit conservative with money. Make plans for the holidays and start those gift lists now. Pre-shopping for the upcoming holiday season is a very good idea. Life will be hectic at Christmas because of the eclipse on that day and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

The Moon is in Cancer. Remember to play it safe and do what gives you the most comfort.

The square between the Moon and Mars continues. Know that fights are just going to happen. People are going to get loud and strong in what they are feeling. Anger and passion are motivating drastic and dangerous choices in the world.

The Moon in opposition to Saturn continues to build the suspicion and depression. There seems to be no one making a good choice for the greater good of all. This pattern will unfortunately have negative characteristics in the world.

The Moon opposition Pluto makes the mood uncomfortable and lacking self-restraint. Those that hold dark emotions lash out in ways that manifest over time in toxic and dangerous ways.

No matter what, be open to those that show a pathway out of the chaos. No matter what do not undermine those that attempt to do good in the world. We are entering into difficult times and we need to stand together.
~Suzanne Wagner~


May peace follow you everywhere.
May love, forever be the choice.
May truth support a compassionate heart.
And may the darkness diminish
and return to its empty existence.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Strange coincidences continue to happen with an almost alarming frequency. Once again, yesterday, I decided to go to Nordstrom’s Rack, not knowing that one of my dear friends worked there. I needed to talk to her anyway and so it was a spontaneous and perfect connection. Then I thought that I needed some lunch and decided to go over to Panda Express for a bowl of Chinese food and there was a dear friend of mine for over 30 years also there with her husband. She had been my secretary for years and we are spiritually connected in many ways. What was even more amazing was that she now lives with her husband in Idaho and did not live here. We ate and chatted to catch up on all the personal and global consciousness news and again felt that strange synchronicity that continues to happen no matter what I am doing.

I live in a crazy, odd, magical, world but I can tell you that this is happening too often and too deeply for it to not mean something.
And something very big.
It is as if the universe is making sure there are those opportunities to share love and to tell each other how important they have been to us.
It makes me question, “Are we literally running out of time?” “Is something enormous and terrible really about to happen?”

Everyone I know is feeling it. A foreboding. A darkness creeping into the places where once there was safety. All those connected deeply to me know that something is afoot.

The question is can we stop it? And how do we stop it?

I know that I and many others have tried to share the truth. I know that there are those that continue to deny wrongdoing and refuse to take responsibility for their choices that are contributing to this looming disaster. I know that I cannot help those who will not tell themselves the truth and come clean. I know that such choices cause great suffering, which I have repeatedly attempted to point out and illuminate. But you are never really ready till you are ready. And the majority of those that are the most deeply stuck will not realize until it is too late.
That is a tragedy to me. It is a tragedy to the world. It is a disaster for those already suffering. And a karmic journey for some that will take lifetimes to unravel.
May peace follow you everywhere.
May love, forever be the choice.
May truth support a compassionate heart.
And may the darkness diminish
and return to its empty existence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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