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Numerology/Astrology for 10/21/17
10/21/17 is the number 5. We are in a time where the courageous, passionate, and responsive people are being called to action. There are so many irresponsible, inconsistent, unreliable people and situations that have power to control and destroy so much of what makes this world great. As a process of conscience humanity cannot allow this pattern to continue. But only standing together from a place of taking action from a place about what works for the world and the greater whole can all of us thrive. Learning to harness your power and passion takes effort and discipline. So many right now want to express the passion but have no self-discipline in which to use it effectively in the world.
The Moon moves into Scorpio for the weekend. This adds a privacy tone to the weekend, which is good for deep level sharing with your inner circle, but not so great for hanging out with strangers. If you have a clear goal for the weekend, the Moon will help you attack it thoroughly. The Moon in Scorpio will encourage you to read between the lines rather than accept everything at face value, and harmonizes with Pluto and Chiron. Good energy is with you for connecting, healing, research, and purposeful work. This morning is particularly useful for social connections and nurturing or supporting loved ones. By tonight, you can experience some mental tension or disorganization, making it a difficult time to get a clear message across. There can be some mental disconnects now.

~Suzanne Wagner~



You have to find that place
That brings out the human in you.
The soul in you. The love in you.
~R.M. Drake~



I struggle to understand why there is so much hate.
I know that hate is not the healthy, normal state of being.
Yet I see so much darkness spreading that toxicity through humanity.
Only those who have spent copious amounts of time on inner work
Seem to be able to recognize that abhorrent energy clearly
And then act consciously and constructively to work the energy another way.
But so many keep feeding the hate and perpetuate the lies in order for what?
That is what is so confusing for so many.
It is as if in America that there are so many souls that have become infected with a cancer that feeds of the negative rather than off the positive.
They have been changed by an external force altering the primary functions of their own DNA.
Such hate is ultimately destructive.
Such continued contemptible words and actions only weaken in order to destroy and collapse entire systems.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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