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Numerology/Astrology for 10/21/19

10/21/19 is the number 7. As the walls come tumbling down, the weaknesses and dysfunction become more obvious. Those that have used the structure (the number 7) as something to bash against, now stand facing a broken dam that will eventually unleash a powerful flood of change. Those that put a finger in the dike are now recognizing that stopping the obvious is not working. And all the finger pointing in the world will not stop the breaking down of things that you used to feel were strong. More and more everyone can see that even millions attempting to stop the shattering of precious things will not stop others with jackhammers and bulldozers that intend to tear things apart. While nothing stands the onslaught of time forever, the majority did not think that this was the moment where monoliths of hope could be so quickly broken. But that is the truth and many things will have to be rebuilt. It will all take a great deal of time and those responsible will have plenty of time to reflect on what they have done.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Almost at lunch time the Moon moves from Cancer into the self-confident sign of Leo. Setting the stage for more external drama. Do your best to not add to that drama. There is enough wood on many fires that are burning. External pressures continue to mount. People flirt with edges and extremes.

There is a Venus in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces. It is a lot of water and deep emotions surface in ways that are not always pleasant. The constructive way to turn this energy is into all forms of art, if you have the time and means.

The Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Stubborn and reactive tempers are in  full force. The ability to restrain emotions seems more and more difficult. Tragedies are obvious and on the horizon.

We attempt to gain some sort of perspective but it may feel like you are climbing up a sand dune. Efforts seem extreme and progress slow.

Color your day with extra compassion. Many need it. The stress is more than most have felt in a lifetime. Do not glamorize situations that show obvious suffering. There are no excuses that hold any water to choices that harm.

Emotional concerns continue to dominate life. As they should. Perpetuating suffering through feigned ignorance is not an excuse that will stop karmic reciprocity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Never spend time beating on the walls
that others have constructed from ego.
Put your energy into the things and
places that have a natural flow to them.
Never waste this precious life with those
who refuse to be open or see truth.
When you follow that natural flow
you will discover when the walls of
others are ready to tumble down.
That is the moment when others are
open to what you are offering.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe some people make hell on earth.
I believe that the best life has a lot of dirt.
I believe that freedom is the song.
And all of life knows what is wrong.
I believe that minds betray.
And I believe that fear will lead you astray.
I believe that pain tears you away,
From the lie you believed that was hearsay.
I believe that we can be better than this.
I believe that we came to know bliss.
I believe it is time to find a way,
To take a path away from doomsday.
I believe that destroying what is good,
Just shows where you are not in adulthood.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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