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Numerology/Astrology for 10/2/19

10/2/19 is the number 6. The number 6 is about unconditional love. That is the force that holds this world together. Love is the glue that allows life to continue to evolve on this beautiful world. Love is something that gets forgotten in the rush and upsets of life. But is what we always come back to in times of trouble. That love is needed now more than any other time. It is love and caring for something that stops us in our tracks to help those in need. It is love that makes us adopt stray animals and want to help injured wild animals. It is love that makes us plant trees for our children’s future. It is love that gives us hope to have children even in times of stress. It is that love that is asking for expression at this time. Open your heart and no matter what be kind.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon switches out of Scorpio into Sagittarius at breakfast time. Giving you the energy to be brave and bold, perhaps a bit restless and seeking new experiences.

There is a semi-sextile between Mercury and Mars suggesting some indecision or feeling pressured to make decisions before you have all the information clearly sorted in your mind. Putting those ideas into actions might be more difficult than you expected.

Pluto goes still in the sky and prepares to turn direct after a long slow slog in retrograde most of the year. As everything prepares for profound changes that are coming to us all, the next weeks and months are going to prove insistent and direct. There is no escaping our unified fate as this pattern unravels and it is going to prove to be interesting, challenging, and  painful. Situations are going to be thrust upon us and it is going to force us to take things into our own hands in ways that might surprise you.

With the Sun in Libra sextile the Moon in Sagittarius helping each of us to have a better balance between the Masculine and Feminine. A perfect time for teamwork and finding supportive people to help you with your projects.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Mistakes are never the problem.
The problem is not making
the corrections and handling
those mistakes in a way
of ownership, lessons learned,
and wisdom shared.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Doing the right thing is never easy. But what is really hard is doing the wrong thing and then living with the consequences and truth of that. Living with yourself and the suffering you have caused others by your actions and inactions, is the cause not just of regret, but anxiety, depression, and PTSD. What it takes to live a life free of regrets is to do what is right even if it puts you in a difficult position. What lives long past this life are the actions that you have taken that either show a strong moral fiber or a soul that has not matured past the narcissism of a child mind. Maturity is earned through making mistakes, owning up to them, and making conscious changes. Fear about admitting to mistakes, is again, an immature mind that has not stepped fully into the natural progression of consciousness. Mistakes are never the problem. The problem is not making the corrections and handling those mistakes in a way of ownership, lessons learned, and wisdom shared.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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