October 21, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 10/22/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/22/15
October 22nd is the number 4 and finding your inner center and place of peace is essential for navigating the energy today. It is time to become one with the internal voices that are attempting to get your attention. At first those voices whisper and when you do not make the small daily shifts then pain will increase in your body until you finally need to pay attention but by that moment then the pain is so great that our instinct is to pull away from it at all costs. But you cannot avoid the voices of the body/mind forever. Eventually you have to expand your awareness, move into the pain to move through the body density in order to hear and understand what the body is attempting to teach you. That is where you find the balance and that is where you find true peace. The Moon is once again in Aquarius all day. A dynamic aspect between Saturn and Uranus, discussed yesterday, comes exact towards midday. This points to a dilemma pitting tradition and innovation against one another. Mercury forms a square with Pluto this afternoon and the tendency to read between the lines with a negative slant is strong. Your communications may be provocative. Compulsive or obsessive thinking is possible. On the other hand, this influence can prompt you to explore different layers of a subject or situation, leading to new insights. Venus and Pluto are heading towards a trine aspect, exact early morning tomorrow, leading to further insights regarding your relationships and/or finances.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Experience is the hardest kind of teacher, it gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.
~Oscar Wilde~
I have spent so much of my life wanting the processes and lessons of life to be graceful and easy. I have spent so much time acquiring knowledge to allow my ego to not go into such reaction at every new suggestion that life presented. That was a good thing because I do believe that in seeking knowledge you discover your prejudices, slants, and patterns of perception that are not coming from an unconditionally loving space. Knowledge allows you to open to other ways of seeing the world and experiencing life. It gives you a few roadmaps in what seems a world of chaos. But at a certain point it is your personal life experience that will become of greatest value to you. Your experience and what you tell yourself is true about that experience is what is what I believe the essential learning piece that just seeking information will not give you. Until you can take information and bring it into body and make it real, personal, tangible, and relatable it is only an idea or concept. Those ideas and concepts have to be applied and tested in this reality to make sense out of them. And experience is the hardest teacher. There is a moment when you have enough information and you just have to leap into the void of the unknown world that is life. Life is unpredictable, uncertain, and has no guarantees that you will succeed. So many “metaphysical” people still are seeking certainty. But what they seek they will not find because this life is going to give you the lessons with a clarity and certainty that is often harsh, real and outside of your mind and ego’s distorted perception. Life is what you make of it. Recognize that the conclusions you have come to are based not on fact but on your patterns of reactiveness. Until you learn to stop reacting to life and just live life you are still caught in the patterns of mind. Don’t analyze it. Do what comes next into your awareness with grace, love, and a compassionate heart. Notice where you are drawn and where you want to engage with life. Follow those impulses and stop making up stories about it all. Allow the life experiences to shape and mold you into the embodied conscious love that you are.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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