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Numerology/Astrology for 10/24/20

10/24/20 is the number 11.
If you add the 1 + 0 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 11. Either a negative mind of the number 2 or the transcendent mind of the number of 11.

Insight into the duality of life continues to give each of us lessons. The duality of life forces us to see past the obvious and into the intricate agendas of others. That back and forth, push and pull is what will allow us to finally transcend the attachment to the domains of desire and delusion and finally into the energy that is moving and motivating others in their core.
At this point it should be clear. Anyone can say anything but that rarely means it is honest, truthful, and without an agenda.
A child’s mind wants to blindly trust.
A mature mind recognizes agenda and attachment and is looking at the situations from a place of overview rather than in the complicated soup of human emotion.
In this world, assume that everyone shows you the side that they want you to see. Instead feel into what is underneath that façade.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today
Saturday morning has Venus making a harmonious trine to Saturn. This is a  helpful place to make some better business decisions. Be diplomatic on communicating your boundaries. It has been difficult to communicate your complex feelings. If anything is becoming clear, it is that we are become more mature in our conscious development. More and more you see the deep-seated value of constancy and stability. There is a dominance of earth energy and while you may not want to take risks overtly, covertly is quite another thing. And I do not mean in a dangerous way but in a way that you keep your own counsel and hold your truths sacred.

What is good is that duties and responsibilities will seem more satisfying. You have put so much effort into your projects and the journey that you have been on. A bit of satisfaction in your work is not a bad thing.

You see your physical reality in a very realistic perspective. Which is good on many levels. You can’t change without honest evaluation of your circumstances.

The Moon is in rebellious Aquarius, stirring the pot and making things move forward energetically at this time. But even small movement is greatly appreciated.

Mercury and Neptune square in a minor way and while decisions are a bit confusing it will allow you to see things very differently as we all move forward with this energy.

~Suzanne Wagner~

A child’s mind
wants to blindly trust.

A mature mind recognizes
agenda and attachment
and is looking at the situations
from a place of overview rather
than get caught up in the
complicated soup
of human emotion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Feel into the heart and core of what motivates a soul and into how they assemble their reality.
Where is their energy anchored? If it is anchored in their heart then you know that even if they are mistaken and misguided, they will attempt to be loving and kind.
But some are anchored into their lower three chakras. And that means that their core agenda is power, sexual gratification, and money. Such souls, you cannot trust completely. They will do anything necessary to feed that “hungry ghost inside”. And it is always a game of “take advantage of the weak”.

But such souls know who and what they are inside and will hide behind a spiritual façade to trick those that are idealists and those that only want to see the good in people.

You must remember that everyone carries that spark of the divine within them but that does not mean they intend to use it with integrity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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